Insanely Beautiful Butterflies

Most people might not like insects, but there's no reason to not appreciate the beauty of butterflies. They get to be insanely beautiful, in a variety of colors and patterns, which is super amazing. Also, I love the fact that their markings are symmetric and look so much like the Rorschach test. It's pretty fantastic, really. I hope you appreciate these, and don't forget to click each photo to visit each photographer's page! Cheers. ;)

Dope Pattern Collection

I really enjoy seeing a nice designed pattern, not only for the style itself, but also to see how well it fits endlessly to its sides. At Society6 there are some sweet examples of modern, dope patterns done by talented artists and designers. Here you can see a brief collection of patterns I really enjoy. From Pop Culture, to tropical fruits, these are pretty eclectic. For more of these, simply click the images and you'll get to see more of each artist. I hope you enjoy this selection, and if you have your own patterns, share them with us! Cheers. ;)

Random Patterns Inspiration

I'm a big fan of patterns so I decided to research some really cool and rad patterns to display here for you along with some really basic pattern shapes in the mix. Check them out and get inspired for your next project.

The Amazing Pattern Library

The Amazing Pattern Library, started by Tim Holman and Claudio Guglierei, is an on going project that complies patterns shared by the most talented designers out there for you to use freely in your designs. The collection of patterns and the quality is top notch. I will definitely be using some of the patterns in my future design and I am sure you will do too. For more information visit

Awesome Pattern Designs by Ben O'Brien

Ben O'Brien is a Illustrator and Graphic designer from UK and his patterns designs are just awesome. The ability to turn really cool illustrations into endless patterns is incredible, check it out! For more from Ben O'Brien visit

Geometric Pattern in Illustrator

Last weekend I was playing in Illustrator trying to create a simple wallpaper to use on my phone and tablet. I love geometric patterns, but I hadn't done anything like that in a while. So, I started playing with some ideas inspired by Andy Gilmore. It's really nice to see how the Pattern Tool in Illustrator facilitates the process of creating patterns these days. So in this tutorial, I will show how to create a simple pattern in Illustrator. The process is pretty straightforward, but I believe it will be really useful when you need to create vector patterns for your projects.

Incredible Work of Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis is a graphic design from Athens, Greece. His work has a lot of influence from the Gestal Psicology, which he studied in College. His work is full of mosaics, portraits and images formed by thousands of tiny little photos of objects. Sometimes it reminds a bit of pixel art, simply awesome. My name is Charis Tsevis and I am a visual designer, living and working at Athens, Greece. I run my own studio under the name “Tsevis Visual Design” with my beloved wife Eva and our colleagues both for domestic or foreign projects.

Rad Pattern in Illustrator that Makes you Dizzy

Yesterday I was checking a book I have about skateboard decks design called New Skateboard Graphics. It's a super cool book and we have even given a copy away here on Abduzeedo. So while I was flipping through the pages I found this beautiful design that was a crazy pattern. It was a deck from Element, and I decided to try to do that in Illustrator. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a rad pattern in Illustrator that will definitely make you dizzy.

24 Masters of Modern Patterns Design

I'm a fan of patterns and textures applied to graphic design, and it's a trend that is becoming quite popular in web design. The coolest thing is that patterns give a very unique style to your design, sometimes sort of crazy, sometimes very elegant and classic.

"Wandering Off Into Space" by Chuck Anderson Book Giveaway

Freelance artist and designer Chuck Anderson just released his new book "Wandering Off Into Space". He is giving away one hand-signed copy of this tome just for Abduzeedo. Chuck Anderson from NoPattern recently released his second book "Wandering Off Into Space". It contains 64 pages of his finest illustrations and designs made between 2005 and 2008. You can get the book for just 25 dollars in the NoPatternStore.

Pattern Inspiration: Daniele De Nigris

I really like patterns and I use them a lot in my designs, that's why I want to share with you some very cool images from Daniele De Nigris. An italian designer that has a very cool style, reminds another great artist Andy Gilmore. His latest works are the ones I like the most, the repetition of symbols and different colors gives an incredible depth to the the patterns. Take a look at some of his designs below and visit his Flickr page at

30 Color and Pattern Inspiration Bikinis

I'm sorry to the all the people on the north hemisphere, but downhere is summer time, baby. And it's time to get some inspiration from sweet bikini models. (Focusing...) Ok, so... ahn... i was talking about inspiration, yes! There are great bikini designers here, and as most of you must know, Brazil is a major bikini exporter. We got it all. So, guys, get inspired! I know i did. (And I'm pretty sure no one will read any of these lines i wrote.) Color

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