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27 Super Cool Pictures of Detroit

A nice thing about photogaphy is that if you take a walk though any city, you'll find some spots that usually no one would care, but once you take a picture of it, the captured image gets its own life, giving that particular spot a new mood. In the blog called The Motor(less) City, the photographers portrait a post industrial Detroit... almost left empty, with at least 12,000 abandoned houses, ready to be torn down. This is the scenario of these pictures, and I bet you'll take a new a look at this city. Don't forget to make a visit to the blog! Those guy appreciate it! Cheers! ;)

Awesome Zombie Collection

Interaction is a pretty cool thing. We post stuff you like, you suggest more cool subjects for posts. Our reader Amiller5 suggested a nice collection of zombie images, and even sent us various links! I gotta say, this is a really graphic post, and this is definetely rated R, so kids, watch out. Found mostly in DeviantART and Flickr, there are some awesome images in this collection. Original art, photography and even tattoos! I bet these will inspire you in some bizarre way, but I hope you don't have any nightmares. Enjoy, and cheers! ;)

10 Years of The Matrix

10 years ago a true revolution began. With the release of the first installment of The Matrix franchise, the movies industry was not the same anymore. To celebrate it, we've got some awesome pictures and clips to show you. Bring it on! Bullet time and slow motion kung fu fight scenes drew a new line on how movies were made back then. I remember with awe how stunned I was the first time I watch The Matrix in a movie theater... and even after having watched it so many time, it still facinates me. The Wachowski brothers are THE MEN. I really hope there's a 10th Anniversary commemorative DVD on its way... anyways, here my selection of pictures, to celebrate the 10 Years of The Matrix. And of course, here's some of the best scenes from the trilogy. Gotta love it! :)

Amazing Football Tackle Pictures

In Brazil, we usually go for the other kind of football, soccer. But we gotta recognized that the American one delivers us some amazing moments, such as the tackle. Seeing flying dudes is one hell of a ride. Of course, this is a game for those who are big boned, while soccer is better played by slim guys. Anyways, here are some amazing pictures, taken at the right moment, showing us the train wreck collisions that often happen between football players. Totally bad ass. For more pictures, simply visit each author's photostream at Flickr... give 'em some love. Hope you like these! Cheers. ;) Mike O'C Lard Lad Maria Bowler garreyf sevennine JC Nuquet bksecretphoto Infidelic reginald_dlani dogbert8u sdosick Badger 23 Vironevaeh Robert Owens How Eye See It Rob Trudeau Victorie Better Than Bacon Chiceaux tclaxton1 juicyrai Tresselboard Alana Holmberg ninophile John Martinez Pavliga etta81james elementaddict URShook apdonovan andre.delaire

20 Stunning Infrared Pictures

Everybody knows we're suckers for photography. From HDR to Polaroids, all these have been featured at some point, here at Abduzeedo. Recently, I've came across a technique that even though not being new, has become popular with digital photography. I'm talking about Infrared Photography. During a little visit to DeviantArt, I found many great examples of this technique, and picked out 20 pics to show you guys. Infrared photography has been around for a long time, but capturing these stunning pictures on film required true perseverance. Digital imaging has changed all of that. Shooting infrared photos has never been easier or more fun. When you shoot infrared, you're actually dealing with a spectrum of light that's outside our normal range of perception. - Andrew Logan So, here are these stunning pictures, which I know you all will like. And please, visit each author's page!! Enjoy! Cheers. ;) Picture by shin-ex Picture by DingoDave Picture by Knechtrootrecht Picture by La-Vita-a-Bella Picture by Andross01 Picture by DingoDave Picture by Miso Picture by Sergio Pachini Picture by Gordon McBryde Picture by DingoDave Picture by Andross01 Picture by EdwinMartinez Picture by From-theceiling Picture by Werol Picture by Extenderi Picture by Roland.r Picture by Patrick McGuire Stock picture by Stock II

20 Beautiful Fireworks Pictures

The best thing about festivals, new year celebrations or most of big festivals, are the fireworks!! I've never met a person that didn't like it, or that wouldn't get touched by its magic. Truly, it's magic... thank God for the Chinese. And capturing these are another great thing. Thanks to photography, we get to capture these fantastic multi-colored explosions. Thanks to that, we also get to take a closer look at the details, which are beautiful. Anyways, here's a little selection of 20 beautiful shots I've found on Flickr. Does anyone got any fireworks pictures? If you do, post it here for us!! Enjoy these! Cheers! ;)

Beautiful HDR Pictures - Part 4

Who doesn't love to see some HDR photos, this effect that brings such a new life into a photo, continuing with this beautiful series I bring another set of great HDR photos to satisfy your needs of inspiration.

Beautiful Photography by Joey Lawrence

I'm couting the days to put my hands on the camera I've bought a few days ago. I've always wondered what kinds of pictures I would take, what kinds of effects I would produce, if I would photoshop it or not. One thing I know for sure: portraits are an awesome way to start. Joey Lawrence is a Canadian photographer, who's got big clients such as Warner Brothers Records and NBC, among others, and spends some time traveling around the world taking superb pictures. I mean... that's probably one of my biggest dreams, to photograph the world! And I was really surprised when I saw his picture in his 'about me', 'cause he looks really young! Makes me think that any of us, armed with a strong willing power, could fit his shoes. Way to go, Joey! You may visit his portfolio here. Cheers! Update: I totally forgot to mention it, but Joey's is selling in his site an awesome tutorial DVD, full of tips and tricks! Really worth checking it out. ;)

Great Beach HDR Pictures

Summertime is long gone here in Brazil, and most of us are sick by this time of the year. It's a hard life living in south Brazil, where beaches are terrible. So I was just taking a look at some beach pictures, to remind me that in about 5 months it will be summer once more. :) So I ran into these cool HDR pictures... they remind a lot of how good summer is. Oh boy. I'm feeling sad right now. =p

20 Beautiful HDR Pictures - Part 2

We all love an eye candy... and when it comes to HDR, it works pretty well to me! Just get your tripod, your camera and search for that one scene that will look incredible once shot. And it's just incredible how some people make fantastic photography out there... so here are the pics of this amazing dude, Donald Fregede... don't forget to visit his photostream at Flickr!

Awesome Signage HDR Pics

HDR pictures have proved to be loved for most of us. From graffiti to portraits, and now Signage! Bryan Scott has come with a cool concept, making HDR out of signals... pretty awesome! You may also want to remember and visit our other HDR series posts, at the bottom of this post. ;)  

Awesome HDR Portraits

Do you know when you try to make a cool self-portrait but you never know what to do in order to get out of the box? Well, why don't you try a HDR Portrait? It's really awesome! And if you are a new visitor to Abduzeedo, you might want to check our HDR series: 20 Beatiful HDR Pictures, Superb HDR Pics of Graffiti and How to create HDR Photos. Enjoy! Chris Arellano

Superb HDR Pics of Graffiti

Fact: HDR pictures are totally cool. HDR makes colors pop-out, they appear really vivid and shiny. And what kinda art uses lots of vivid and shiny colors? That's right, grafitti! And the combination of these two will blow your mind! Learn how to create HDR images We have a tutorial showing how to create HDR Photos, click on the link below to check it out How to create HDR Photos - HDR/Photomatix tutorial

20 Beautiful HDR Pictures

There are some photography techniques that really give me the goose bumps, but the good ones. HDR is one of those techniques... and you'll probably love these as much as I do. "In computer graphics and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures (the range of values between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to shadows." - From Wikipedia. What I've read on some foruns is that a program called Photomatix does the job... Does anybody have already used it? I'm looking forward to it. Well... either way, if I don't get to use it, I'll probably find out how to simulate that effect on Photoshop. All this pictures are from a Flickr HDR Group. Don't forget the visit 20 Beautiful HDR Pcitures - Part 2 and the new Outstanding HDR Night Pictures!! ;) Learn how to create HDR images We have a tutorial showing how to create HDR Photos, click on the link below to check it out How to create HDR Photos - HDR/Photomatix tutorial