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Life & Thyme Magazine

Life & Thyme Magazine

For the past two years, Life & Thyme has been publishing stories on a weekly basis, covering food culture and the people behind it exclusively on their website. They have interviewed chefs, bakers, restaurateurs, farmers, coffee roasters, cocktail designers, handcrafted apron makers, ice cream makers, all sorts of purveyors, and anyone contributing a masterful skill to the food, beverage, and hospitality industry from around the globe. Their content is typically long­form with an editorial sensibility in order to create a more meaningful connection to the reader. Now our friends from Life & Thyme are going print, publishing the first edition of Life & Thyme Magazine. To make that happened they started a Kickstart campaign. We should definitely support this and other similar efforts from our community. Storytelling is our focus, while also executing original photography and filmmaking to establish a platform with a variety of content related to food, its lifestyle, its history, and more importantly: the people. Through a global network of hand­selected contributors, our stories and content go beyond our home state of California and into other culinary destinations such as New York, Nashville, Austin, Portland, Chicago, Mexico, Colombia, Rwanda, Scotland, Taiwan, Turkey, Japan, India, and many others. Where there is good food, there is culture and stories to be told. For more information check out Life & Thyme website. Back this project

Mimetico 3

Mimetico 3

Playing with geometric patterns are always fun and can produce incredible results. Mimetico 3 is a great example as we can see in the images below. Daniele De Nigris explores simple shapes to create patterns and then manipulate it in 3D. The simplicity and elegance of the end result is very inspiring. This little project contains my last work "Mimetico 3" with some steps of the construction. This is an other example of "Analogical Digital Design". I Hope you like it and thank you for watching! For more information visit

Modern Flight Tag Prints

Modern Flight Tag Prints

Designer and Illustrator from London, Neil Stevens was inspired by old airline baggage tags and decided to recreate some big prints based on the idea of the tags. Well it turned out great, with strong use of colors and typography, check out these awesome that I'm calling Modern Flight Tag Prints. For more info on Neil Stevens visit and It was recently that I stumbled on a lovely set of old airline baggage tags and was amazed at the variety in designs produced since the 1950s. There was something about the now iconic, easily reconisable three letter abbreviations of the city destinations, and the small surrounding details that I thought would look great blown up and on a wall. They often avoided logos, had no advertising, and were purely just the information you needed. So with these graphic and typographic gems I decided to go ahead and turn them into large format wall prints. As with other ideas for prints that I have had, if they prove popular i'll make them available in my online shop this Spring. Enjoy!

Giveaway (Winner): Sam Wolfe Connely Cybil's Print

Our friend Sam Wolfe Connely was kind enough to make a giveway of two copies of his "Cybil" 8" x 8" print on our blog. For those who are not familiar with Sam, he's a young skillfull artist that we already had the opoortunity to feature and to interview here at Abdz. You can see more of Sam's arwork at his Blog or at his Official Website. Story: A bored friend and I where tampering around with an old Ouija board of mine one night with nothing to do. Then we actually started getting some coherent responses to the questions we were reading out loud. She said for us to call her 'Cybil'. She confessed to us a little bit about her life. She talked about the things most precious to her. About her pet lamb that had been sent to slaughter, the old woods around her home, and the night she burned in her bed. She talked about standing in my hallway at night. She talked about how the moths liked to flutter around and land on her in the dark. The same flame that burned her in her bed attracts the moths at night.Winner The winner for this giveaway was Kelly McKernan Cavanah Thanks for everyone who participated, we will have more giveaways soon.

Arte Limited Print Giveaway - Winner

Adbuzeedo and Arte Limited is happy to giveaway one print from Perttu Murto, a graphic designer, art director and illustrator based from Finland. We have a choice of three artworks where you can choose the one you want to get if you're the winner! Each artwork is 1 of 200 limited edition prints to Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 GSM Matt White paper. Each artwork are worth of 95 euros. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email so we can contact you. Update The winner of the one of the three (3) choice artworks by Perttu Murto is "I Luv M3-ling"! Congratulations and thank you for everybody for participating! Mirror  - size: 50x70cm - View more info Rebirth  - size: 50x70cm - View more info The Flight of Apollo  - size: 50x50cm - View more info About Arte Limited Arte Limited is an art gallery that sells exclusive art prints, photography and contemporary art from swedish & scandinavian artists. We believe that modern art should be accessible to all people, therefore we offer a wide range of artworks at affordable prices. All our limited edition art are in stock, which means that we have short lead times and we deliver all over the world. Links More info about Arte Limited: More info about the artists:

Playful Letterpress Cards by Erin Wallace

I am thoroughly convinced that letterpress makes everything that much better. So naturally when I came across Erin Wallace's work I was overjoyed! Her illustrative style is the perfect blend of whimsy and cute, and her use of color only adds to this even more. Born in Seattle to a tofu lover and a bike enthusiast, Erin now lives in Baltimore with her cat, Toaster. She graduated in 2010 with a degree in Printmaking from The Maryland Institute College of Art and now she letterpress prints all day, every day. Visit Erin at her website for more.

Design with Style by Seth Nickerson

Seth Nickerson is a designer that I been following on dribbble and he always amazes me with such style and simplicity on his work. So today I decided to put some of his work together and share with you guys so you can also get inspired by some amazing print design work. Enjoy! About Seth Nickerson I believe in hard work, clear concepts backed with research, good communication, and doing things right the first time. Most of my work tries to emphasize simplicity and cleverness. I have a deep love for typography and lettering, and a growing obsession with mid-century modern illustration. I also like photography. I hail from Massachusetts and now reside with my wife and two children in Northern Virginia. For more from Seth visit Paint the Town T-shirt Design iPhone Wallpapers iPhone Wallpapers created to be shared at Poolga, download it here. Draw Something Wallpaper Download the wallpaper here Andrew & Aly's Wedding Invitations My brother and his fiancée asked me if I would design their wedding invitations as their wedding gift. The invitation and response card were letterpress printed by Mama's Sauce and sent out in awesome homemade fabric envelopes. Misc Patterns You can download a Pattern Kit from Seth here - Pattern Kit One

Amazing Poster Designs by Animal Canon

I must say these are some of the most amazing Posters I've seen lately, each piece is so detailed and has so much meaning behind these fine lines of design. Animal Canon is a super creative design studio based in Madison, WI and you about to see some of the coolest things they make. To find out more about Animal Canon make sure to visit Build to Spill Heartless Bastards DDCW Crane Your Swan Neck Here Comes The Night Hot Money Wake Up Sleepy Giants

Elegant Print & Graphic Work by Astronaut Design

The face behind Astronaut Design is 26 year old graphic designer, Vyacheslav from Almaty, Kazakstan. I'm a big fan of his simple and minimalist approach to design, in particular his prints. His work is clean and to the point and that's one thing I can really appreciate. Swing by his portfolio to check out more of his work and let me know what you think via twitter!

Outstanding Advertising Inspiration

Now days ads are everywhere, it's almost impossible to go somewhere without seeing some kind of ad. The ads that strike me the most are the ones that can combine a good idea with a good execution, and these ads I selected are really interesting and outstanding for that. Check it out! All enclosed places are too small for smoking. Autopoint: Feet Extra Strong Coffee Keeps food fresh for much longer. Viera 3D All movies now on your iPhone. Canal+ Soothes irritated skin. You know you love it Hawaiian Tropic Extreme Waterproof We push you to the limit so you can feel alive again. Sticks everything safely. Fish Eaters of the World. Fresh All Summer. The world is your playground Go back in time.

Clean Prints by Paul Fox Design

As someone who has recently developed a strong liking for print design, I have become infatuated with Paul Fox's work. Namely his color palette, clean lines, and simple compositions. I wish I could tell you more about him--is it a growing trend to supply as little information about yourself as possible on your portfolio?--however, I do know that he is available for freelance positions so hit him up if you feel so inclined.

ABOVE's new UNION JACK PRINT + Free Print Giveaway

Above presents his new UNION JACK Print and will give away 1 of his designs to someone that can describe at least 1 thing you like about the print, and 1 thing they don't like so much or would change about it. PRINT NAME: “UNION JACK ARROWS” EDITION SIZE: 70 REGULAR EDITION (RED/BLUE) + 20 SPECIAL EDITION (ORANGE/GREEN) PRICE: REGULAR EDITION (RED/BLUE) = 69.00 BRITISH POUNDS SPECIAL EDITION (ORANGE/GREEN) = 99.00 BRITISH POUNDS. LIMIT PER PERSON: 2 PRINTS PER PERSON TOTAL *(ONLY 1 SPECIAL EDITION PER PERSON) PAPER/INK: 7-COLOR HAND PULLED SCREEN PRINT ON 22 IN. X 15 IN. ( 56 cm. X 38 cm. ) LENNOX 100 ARCHIVAL WHITE 250 GSM. *EVERY PRINT IS CUSTOM EMBOSSED, SIGNED, DATED AND NUMBERED BY ABOVE. AS ALWAYS, ABOVE DESIGNED AND SCREEN PRINTED EVERYTHING HIMSELF. IT DOESN’T GET MORE PERSONAL THAN THIS! PRINT INFO: Above first painted these UNION JACK Arrows in LONDON during his “2005 EUROPEAN TOUR” where he painted and installed his signature Arrow’s in 14-countries. We think this prints image and reflection transforms the already good looking UNION JACK motif transform into something mesmerizing. The directional symmetry of the arrows going up and down are a great balance with sharp colors to draw you in even closer. Above spent a lot of time making sure each print was “perfect” and we all agree that this is his best screen print has pulled thus far. We hope you enjoy this print as much as we do. We thank you in advance for your support. MORE PRINTS OF ABOVE WHERE TO FIND ABOVE ON THE WEB - Portfolio & Website Above Shop - Above's shop

Christmas Giveaway - 1000 FREE 2 Sided Full Color Business Cards

It's Christmas and firstly, we over here at Abduzeedo would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting the site. Also we have little gift for you, a very nice giveaway for this special day. We will giveaway 1000 Free 2 sided full color business cards, thanks to All you have to do is leave a comment suggesting ideas for tutorials or articles for the new year that's coming. We will announce the winner next Wednesday, December 31st. is the home of superior quality full color printing for great prices. They are also the leading wholesale printing company, offering full color printing solutions for well below our retail prices. To sign up for's wholesale program, visit and sign up - ITS FREE! Stay tuned because we will be giving away more products from in the very near future.

Video of the Week #25

Yesterday I had a cool class about book printing. I know that most of you people really enjoy some print design, so here is a video that I got to know yesterday during class. There are like, a thousand ways of having a book printed. This cool cool video clip by a band called Shitdisco, shows us many printing styles in a single book. I bet you'll like! Enjoy, people! Cheers! ;)

Inspiration: Illustration Master Robert McGinnis

For the last few weeks came to my knowlegde an artist that gotta be the Jedi of Illustrators. His name is Robert McGinnis, and you might know him by his 007 vintage posters. Today, I'm gonna pay a little tribute to this man, who made superb illustrations to book covers, paperbacks, posters and etc. He portraits women like no one, and his designs are really sexy, no wonder he was the man to picture 007 posters for so long. Well, just enjoy these eyecandies. ;) Some sources besides Flickr: American Art Archives, Stainless Steel Droppings, The Pinguin Blog.

Print Design Inspiration

Lately I've been doing some research on prints: magazines, booklets, brochures and stuff like that. I'm a big lover of fanzines... or any kind of zine actually, and there are a lot of great stuff around to look at. Here in Porto Alegre for example, we have 3 big, famous zines that have cool designs Solto, Noize and Void. And besides that, in the internet, we get to find awesome articles about prints. Here are some of them: Otaku Kaidan Magazine Beautiful Brochures and Booklets Excellent Book Covers and Paperbacks Well Done: cook first What will your book be?