iPhone 4 versus Nexus One Review

Before I start my review of the iPhone 4 and also the comparison between the 2 phones and OSs I want to say that I was a very early adopter of the iPhone despite the fact I was in Brazil, I managed to get one the next month after it was released in the US, so I’ve been using it since 2007. Then in the end of last year, 2009, I switched to Android thanks to Motorola for allowing me to be a tester of the Milestone (Droid) in Brazil. After the Milestone I got a Nexus One and I used it until last week when I got the iPhone 4.

Wacom Intuos4 Wireless Review

As a graphic designer I have to admit that I am not good at drawing. At first it was something that always bothered me, but I never thought that to be a good graphic designer I had to master the craft of drawing too. So during these years I was reluctant to get a tablet. Now I finally got one and I must say, I should have done so years ago. The tablet I'm talking about is the Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless and it is awesome. In terms of design it’s a beautiful piece of equipment.

New Masters of Photoshop — Book Review

New Masters of Photoshop is an amazing book that I'll be reviewing on this post and sharing the best parts of it. If you like photoshop and learning from tutorials this is a must have, check it out. $2000 Giveaway

One of the greatest challenges for a young designer is how to start making money. In my case I've always thought I would have to work on those super cool design studio to do that. Now, after a decade, I found out that there are several ways to do that online without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Learning the new Adobe CS4 Apps with Lynda

Last week Adobe started shipping the new version of their CS suite of applications. The Adobe CS4 family comes with a redesigned interface and a ton of new features. To get up to speed with all of the new features has created the CS4 University. I had a chance to access the CS4 University, and found that you'll have everything you need to upgrade your skills for the new Adobe Apps.

Fluid Mask 3 Review and Giveaway

One of the most difficult, and in my opinion most annoying tasks is when you have already sketched some ideas, then you start the digital process and you have to cut a person, or tree from the background. Doing that can sometimes take hours until you achieve a good result. There are many ways extract people and objects from the background. Photoshop has some nice built in features such as the Extract or the Background Eraser Tool.

HDR Software: Essential HDR Reviewed - 2 copies Giveaway

The program formerly known as "Project Wukong" has been released a few days ago as Essential HDR. I've no idea why they would drop an awesome code name like Wukong, maybe the guys from Imaging Luminary aren't real Ninjas after all... But they are certainly nice people: You can download the demo version for free (called community version), which is essentially a demo with a bottom frame watermark and 1 megapixel size restriction. Even better, the first 1000 copies are on sale for 30% off ($48.99 instead of $69.99).

Screensteps review - 2 copies giveaway

It's been more than a year that I write tutorials almost every week. Even though I got used to the process of capturing screenshots and then organize and save them with the right names for the right steps, it was still very time consuming task. Now, I've found a software that really helps the process of writing tutorials. Screensteps is as the documentation tool for people who don't want to do documentation.

3D Wall Flash Component Giveaway

This week I had the chance to test the new Flashloaded component, called 3D Wall. It’s a really cool component that allows us to create 3D walls with pictures and you can navigate through the photos in a 3D space, very Apple TV style. 3D Wall displays images on an engaging interactive 3D wall using the Papervision3D engine.

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