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Introducing Sabine Ten Lohuis

One of our main objectives with the blog is to feature not only great and famous artists, but also to showcase some new outstanding talented artists. I've found the work of this Netherlands Illustrator thru a illustration community and I'm still really impressed with her technique and aesthetic, so I though would be really nice to share it with youv I you want know more about Sabine, please access her website. I graduated from the visual arts academy Willem de Kooning in 2009 with a degree in illustration and a minor in painting. But I also have a great interest for animation and graphic design. Currently I'm working as a freelance illustrator and have my own company in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I think Rotterdam is one of the most interesting cities in Holland, with it's mix of many nationalities and a big range from modern to historical architecture. This city never stops surprising me and it's a great source of inspiration for my work (Sabine's Website).