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Branding Inspiration by Roger Oddone

Roger Oddone is a designer from São Paulo, Brasil specialized in branding identities. Roger Oddone is also the name of his design studio focused on corporate and brand indentity. In collaboration with several partners they also offer brand strategy, naming, package and web design services. For more information about Roger Oddoe work visit Corporate and brand identity Taiama Corporate and brand identity SDP Corporate and brand identity Recife/Olinda Corporate and brand identity Grupo Athiva Corporate and brand identity Szuster Corporate and brand identity Zap Corporate and brand identity Amova Brand identity Roger Oddone

Plastic Cup Art and Sketches by Gustavo Vicentini

Gustavo Vicentini is product designer and illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil. Gustavo had this awesome idea of starting drawing on plastic cups in his free time at work, we love that idea and that's why we will share with you some of them as well as some sketches from his sketchbook, which are fantastic as well. For more information about Gustavo, we highly recommend that you check out his Web site at Sketchbook

Beautiful Illustrations by Simon Fernandes

Simon Fernandes is an art director, designer and illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil with a really cool style, his portfolio has illustrations with different styles, from the very clean vectors of the Agua Viva artwork to the sort of retro style of the Copo poster. We were really impressed with his work and now we are sharing that with you ;) For more information about Simon Fernandes visit his Web site at Planetario MTV Planetário from ODA on Vimeo. Pedaço de coral Plus Ultra Menina Flutívago Agua Viva Copo Paisagem Colorido Buda Doido