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Scary Photography Inspiration

I know it's not Halloween, but there's scary things all year long. I think it's really hard to find really scary photographs... usually people manipulate pictures a lot, but it's nice to see some that were not over done. These are some good examples of how scary photography can be done. Some of these might be manipulated, but the scenario was also considered. If it was a nice one, than there's no much problem about being manipulated for me. These were taken by some great photographers, and I really recommend you to pay them a visit. I hope you enjoy these, and as usual, if you get your own examples of scary photography, attach it to the comments. Cheers! ;) P.S.: In case you think otherwise, heights are indeed scary. ;p unexpectedtales tomadamson21 Sir Mart Carlos Bravo Stephanie Tormey Janek Kloss unexpectedtales giraffe2605 J. Niles Clement Horschschd paperinikkio alex6bernard Dean Pemberton Jason Gillyon Roy Green Nain Dziyauddin nalilo Moyan Brenn