Great Artworks by Yu Yiming

It's always nice to see an artist coming up with sweet artworks, filled with nice ideas, scenarios and characters. Yu Yiming is a Chinese artist that does great pieces of art, like these below! Check it out. These are pretty awesome, with a very nice style. For more of these, please visit the artist's portfolio at ArtStation! I hope you enjoy these as much as we did! Cheers. ;)

Zombie Apocalypse Scenarios by Anthony Wolff

With zombie fever all over pop culture, it's pretty easy to find artworks showing us the theme. Some really stand out of the crowd by its creativity and style, and that's the case of these zombie apocalypse scenarios illustrated by French artist Anthony Wolff. These were developed for what it seems to be a board game, but unfortunately I didn't get to find the final game to show you. These remind me a lot of movies like Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead and games like Dead Island and Project Zomboid.

Topnotch Futuristic Cities Illustrations

We've seen a lot of medieval fantasy illustrations here at Abduzeedo, but one other kind of awesome fantasy illustration I like is futuristic! It's awesome to see the many ideas of future that artists come up with... huge technological cities, filled with ultra-high buildings and flying cars, some looking very friendly, others looking oppressive. Here you can see pieces by many great artists. Their visions are simply amazing and for more of their work, please visit their portfolios simply by clicking each image.

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