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Beautiful Houses: Fighting House by studio_suspicion in South Korea

Beautiful Houses: Fighting House by studio_suspicion in South Korea

I am a huge fan of watching foreign movies and TV shows on Netflix, I really enjoy learning about other cultures especially seeing how people live their day-to-day in other countries. I think that is the beauty of traveling! What brings me to today's subject by taking us to South Korea and its architecture (P.S. I would definitely love to travel there!). I stumbled across this design by studio_suspicion of what they called: the Fighting House. It is such an unusual approach but I love the reasoning behind this design. Located in Sageun-dong in Seoul, a reminiscence area surrounded by a history. This coming forward with a space with a maximize the floor area ratio that would include the building owner, client's unit, eight rental units and alongside with a functional elevator. This is a true mixture of contemporary residential environment, what do you think? Credits Park, Tae Sang ; Cho, Soo Young Photography by Ryoo, In Keun Manufacturers VMZINC More Links Learn more about studio_suspicion at See more Beautiful Houses Architecture & Interior Design   Images via Archdaily

Worldwide Photography #50: Busan

Worldwide Photography is a series of posts where every week we're going to show a city or location around the globe bringing the coolest photography samples of it. The photographs authors are all credited right above their pictures. Today feature: Busan, South Korea. For the next week we're going to feature La Paz, Bolivia so if you want to send your submissions for the next Worldwide Photography, please tweet the tag #wwphoto and the link of the photo(s) on twitter. I'll be wainting for your submissions :) Peter Lee(이원희)rayalien1asirapJames WrightsonGeoff RidenourJames WrightsonJames Wrightsonbenjamin73frAgnieszka MazusEmy ^^ (??)Ana ChkhaidzeHalcrow GroupJB Lumarc_guitardKoreaBrand-01yeowatzupmicro.cosmick.kazantzoglou Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!!!anosteenHalcrow Groupmarc_guitardKibae Parkmarc_guitard_Zinni_NateVentureMike SmeeMike SmeeRana Pipienscocoi_mpictouringpictouringpictouringdeweyhammondcocoi_mdeweyhammonddeweyhammonddeweyhammonddeweyhammondMistikkiKibae Park

Unique Illustration Style by Seounghyon Cho

Seounghyon Cho is an illustrator from South Korea but currently based in New York City. He has an MFA in Illustration from School of Visual Arts and his work has a very personal style, especially in terms of textures and feel. For more information about Seounghyon Cho visit his Web site at Illustrations Portraits