Travel Photography Guide: Stockholm, Sweden

Back in February, ABDZ was traveling to Stockholm, Sweden to cover the launch of the new Volvo V60. After all the eventful-fun jazz, it's always a must for me to find time to explore the city, especially when it's your first time ever traveling to Stockholm. What can I say about this city? Well, every place we went whatever it was a restaurant, coffee shop or a tourist attraction; Stockholm is very pretty and this city owns the term "Beautiful Design".

The new Volvo V60: the Unveiling Experience purely in Swedish Family Lifestyle

Currently in Sweden, I had the honour to assist earlier today to the World Premiere of the new Volvo V60, right in the heart of Suburbia of Stockholm. I was part with many others in participation of a non-traditional way to unveil a new car. If you think about the traditional way of a conference hall or a motor show. It wasn't the case at all. We had a really warm welcome in a beautiful house where you were able to walk around and see first hands the diverse needs and realities of modern family life.

Sweden Design Inspiration

Kicking off my first journey to Sweden today! For the occasion, I have put a collection of inspiring work from designers from Sweden, whatever it is an illustration, graphic design, UI design and more. It's quite interesting to discover designers from another country, mostly because their background is different. How will it affect their work? I would say it depends on the type of work but there will be a resemblance in the choice of color palette and the choice of scenery for inspiration. Hope you will enjoy!

The New Volvo V60 Reveal - Abduzeedo in Sweden

Exciting to share that Abduzeedo will be heading to Sweden, Stockholm to be more precise. We will be covering the launch of the new Volvo model 2019 V60 wagon. With the slogan: "Designed for Generations" from their teaser, you can imagine how Volvo will reinvent themselves in term of tech and if they will be offering an electric model too. But first, let's celebrate the arrival of the new V60 on February 21st.

Interior Design: Volvo Get Away Lodge in Sweden

We would like to share this Interior Design of a stunning lodge called the Get Away Lodge located just outside of village of Åre in Jämtland County, Northern Sweden. It’s a collaboration between renowned car brand Volvo  and an online hotel curator Tablet Hotels . Inside the lodge, you’ll be charmed with a wood burning fireplace, lounge, free wi-fi/parking, 24 hours concierge and on top of that; access to access to Volvo’s newly launched all-weather V90 Cross Country wagon car!

Inspiring Hand-Lettering Works by Martin Schmetzer

Martin Schmetzer is a designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Martin has a huge passion at drawing letters and he's very good at it. Most and I am pretty sure that all of his works are hand-lettering mixed with illustrations in results of incredible typography designs. Here's some of his amazing work!For more information about the Martin Schmetzer, you can check it out more on his website at MartinSchmetzer.com and on his Behance.

Stylish Design Work by Jonas Eriksson

Jonas Eriksson is an award winning Designer / Developer who is currently located in Sweden and Los Angeles, USA. He is a Pixel-bitch Swede who loves minimal things, good typography, grid based sites and who prefer solid coloring over gradients. Besides having a thing for clean design he is also into retro synthesizers, adventures, talented photographers, illustrators and creative copywriters.

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