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Top Notch Apparel Art by Aled Lewis

This guy has been featured here a few times, but no wonder. Aled Lewis really is a talented artist that has some great art to show off. This time I'd like to show a little bit more of his apparel art, which is top notch indeed. I really like his illustrations... I got one of his designs a few years ago and it's definitely one of my favorite tees. Right now I'd love to have this first one, but unfortunately it's sold out at Threadless. To check for availability visit Aled's portfolio and there you'll get direct links to these designs in each store. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Cheers. ;)

Super Funny Illustrations by Fatheed

Aled Lewis, also known as fatheed, is a graphic design based in London with some very sharp illustration skills. He has quite a few t-shirts printed at and other tee's sites. I love his style and how funny some of the illustrations are, such as the King Kong, Marion, the one of the fake man on the Moon scene. You can check out more of Fatheed's work at his Website, or Flickr Profile, or his Behance Portfolio. Also visit his profile at, it's definitely worth it. I'm a graphic design graduate who does a bit of illustration and I live in London, England. I love to create stuff that makes people think and stuff that makes people laugh and occasionally I manage to create stuff that makes people think and laugh at the same time. Feel free to add me add me as a contact on Behance network and Flickr and if you think you'd like an insight into what I am thinking of buying at the supermarket, follow me on Twitter. Oh, and my avatar name in most instances is 'fatheed', but you can call me Aled.