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Interview (short): Theyhatemydesign

I had a quick chat with TheyHateMyDesign and I'd love to show you. Read the short interview and then admire his awesome artworks. 1. First of all we would like to thank you for the opportunity of having an interview. Please tell me a bit about your begining with design and why did you choose to become an artists? I've been in love with drawing since i was a kid. well...i did it for fun, i let my hands drawing anything i liked and enjoyed it. It's the hope that i can help myself & other people, and having a more interesting life which brought me on becoming an artists. 2. Your work is pretty unique. You use a lot of creativity in it. Where does your inspiration come from? All the things around me are my inspiration....everythings that i hear, i sea, and i smell. 3. You sure have your own way to do a job. How does your typical workflow look like? just simple, read the briefs carefully, find some inspirations, and start working 4. What are your tools of work? Do you use special software and hardware? I have no special software and hardware.. just installed graphic software (corel draw x3, photoshop CS2) in my machine. with P4 PC, cannon lide scanner, notebook, optical mouse, marker, pencil, garbages and my damn keyboard. 5. What is the best part of being a designer? i like to be a designer and would be very happy if i can satisfy people with beautiful design. 6. How does your job influenced your life? Do you see things differently? Of course, my life is fullfilled with colours. Every colour has a meaning, it may represents sadness, happiness, etc. Just like my designs. or in contrary, i can say that my life influenced my work :) 7. Thank you very much for this nice interview. Do you have any tips for upcoming designer? creativity comes from the trust. Trust your instincts and never hope more than you work. Click here for more/