UI Experiments with Boyan Kostov

What is the medium that you are working in, it's always a great thing to experiment with your work. Whatever it is to try new things or just creating things offline, these things are part of your journey as someone from this industry. For this case, UI design is always an evolving platform with so many new and different behaviors/user flows to explore. We are taking a look at Boyan Kostov's work and his UI experiments.

UI Inspiration: 09 Alarm Clock

We've talked before about side-projects but we haven't dig up the subject well enough in-depth. Finding the free time to work on a personal or client projects are part of a designer's great journey. Part of the projects, the idea of introducing a concept is a great challenge. Many factors have to be encountered and yet it's not always about the UI. This is why I'd liked to share this Alarm Clock Concept from Zero/Nine. I just liked how playful they made their UX flow, especially on a boring task like setting your alarm. Hope you will enjoy!

Sneak Peek at the #NewVSCO

VSCO is personally one of my favourite Photo Editing App out there, I almost use it every single day. I really love it because it's a great tool to create/make. Ever since they've updated the capacity to save larger images, that was a game-changer for me and I am pretty sure for most of us. Nowadays, we tend to use filters almost everywhere on Social Media, I love VSCO because you can take a subtle approach while creating a greater picture. We are sharing a sneak peek of the NewVSCO.

Bouldering with an Augmented Reality

We've spoken on this blog before about designers trying to crack the mysteries of our daily life by changing our habits with technology. There's many assets to perfect a product for launch or even if it's a concept. There's many many obstacles to tackle and problems to solve. As you may be aware of it or not, part of being a designer is also a problem solver.

Nike: Make It Paris

User Experiences aren't only for the subject of the Web. It's also built for everything around you and some you barely noticed it at all. Building a great user experience is creating a memorable moment for the user so the flow is enjoyable and simple. For one of the best cases to test this theory are the  In-Store Interactive Experiences. Shopping is a common action for most of us BUT creating an experience is definitely a challenge.

A Few Tips for Prototyping with Atomic

Needless to say that there is a wide range of prototyping tools out there and I won't say which one are the best ones because there isn't one. I liked to say it all depends on your workflow and what's your purpose of this tool. That being said, I've been using this prototyping tool called Atomic and what I enjoyed the most about this tool is how fast it is and the fact you can customize with CSS is a must (for me). Here's a few tips that will make your experience with Atomic more accurate and fluid.

Portfolio Sites Inspiration

With the launch from our friends at May1Reboot, we've been seeing hundreds and hundreds of portfolios from the community which is a great thing. So many works done with so many talented people all over the industry. We've selected a few ones for this inspiration post that really strikes us not only by their portfolio but also how creative the concept of their site is, the responsiveness, UX flow and how playful it is since most of the sites nowadays tend somehow to share the same structure.

UI Inspiration: Mobile Interactions

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned that we will see more and more subtle interactions in the upcoming weeks and year. For this week's showcase, we had fun handpicking and looking at  Mobile Interactions. The thinking behind  Mobile First is not quite new but still strong enough for us to think about this perspective first in any of our projects.

Recommended UX Articles for Product Designers

As part of my daily routine with all the extensions, links, newsletters and everything else. I'll bookmark a lot of links for my offline-to-be-read-later reading and I thought it would be nice to share my recent bookmarks about  UX. There's really good subjects/articles out there to dig into the matter and it's great to easily get updated on the latest trends and practices. Hope you will enjoy so I'll make more similar articles for you guys.

UI Inspiration: Layouts

Lately, we've gone specific in subjects at sharing UI Inspirations with interactions, cards, footers and more. Today, we've put a collection about  Layouts, which is a pretty much vague but interesting to dig as well. It's great to surf through different works (in progress) and noticed the small little details.

UI Inspiration: Site Interactions

As part of the design process, figuring interactions (to me) is the fun and best part. Some of the developers might hate me for saying this but it's a great way to make your site more alive than just a flat UI. But it's also not an easy task! It's not just about making it pretty with light interactions but how it will function too, always. In some cases, the coolest interactions should be subtle, barely noticeable. In the end, it all depends of the result you wanna achieve.

Unsplash Redesign Concept

Don't get me startled on this but I am not a fan of  Redesign Concept because a lot of time (Not trying to be general), designers tend to forget many aspects of what's behind a redesign like:  Content Strategy, Copywriting, Information Architecture, UX practices, Interactions and more. This is why I do appreciate John Noussis's work on his Unsplash Redesign Concept.

UI Works by Matthias Mentasti

We all have our sort of metaphors of what exactly is an Art Director and what does it do exactly. Our image of ourselves as Mad Men is hugely not realistic but in fact, they do much more than what others will think. From the beginning to the end, Art Directors should be involved in every step of the way. From the client first contract, mapping, wireframing, prototyping, figuring interactions, working with developers and making sure of their vision is showcased across the project.

UI Inspiration: Footers

One of our colleagues on Abduzeedo was looking for inspiration about  Footers. As simple as it is, it was a bit tricky to find some good ones. Why? Because the idea/concept of the Footer is fairly simple, everything that isn't as important as the information we put into the Menu or Hamburger Menu will ended-up in the Footer. Is it a good practice, it depends on how you look at it. For mostly, the hierarchy of the Footer is usually for additional information like widgets, subscriptions, links and etc.

UI Inspiration: Cards

I really do enjoy surfing on Dribbble for inspiration, it's really a great platform to see what people are working on and possibly some of the latest trends in action. For this week, I thought about putting together a collection on:  Cards. Cards are to some the future for Web Design, not because Google did it!

UI Transitions by Leo Leung

I always do enjoy stumbling across a portfolio of a designer that is also working as a front-end developer. The bridge/gap between the two titles are totally clashing with so many aspects of the job that makes everything more technically functional. I feel the work is more refined by knowing how the platform works instead of guessing interactions. It makes the work less collaborative but it's definitely on-point with your own vision.

UI Works by Ben Schade

Nowadays, as companies slowly but surely deviate designers towards UI, UX, Product Strategy, Testing and Prototyping. Less of us are into brand identity and even typography. I am not saying that is the future for designers but as the industry is leaning towards this forward thinking, clients and companies are asking us more be multi-disciplinary.

Rock You - Web Design

We talked and posted a lot of visual design references that we believe are the new trends for 2016. The Abduzeedo blog is a good example with some of the styles for typography, especially vertical orientation texts on the sides, a lot of white space and a non-uniform grid. Of course we are just a blog with a lot of constraints, including technical. That's the reason we posted about sites, magazines and books we used for reference. The project we share today wasn't used for reference but it could definitely be.

Adobe Portfolio - Case Study

Andrew Couldwell shared a great case study showing the behind the scenes of the design process for Adobe Portfolio which is Adobe's service for designers, photographers and enthusiasts to create beautiful portfolios. I had the chance to play around with it a bit and I quite like it. My only qualm was with the Behance integration, I wish I could have projects there without being on Behance. Perhaps it's possible however I have yet to discover. After this post I will definitely seek this out.

Star Wars Episode VII Tumblr Site

I have been following the evolution of web design pretty closely over the last year always taking notes, bookmarking and looking for inspiration. It's crazy to think that a lot of sites became what Flash sites were in 2005. Many sites unfortunately rife with loading screens and animations that seem superfluous. However, there are things that really got better. Typography is much better and we're seeing sites with decently executed designs that resemble magazine layouts.

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