Targeting Kids: Various Strategies Involved in Designing their Websites


Have you ever wondered, “ Children don't read to find their identity, to free themselves from guilt, to quench the thirst for rebellion or to get rid of alienation. They have no use for psychology.... They still believe in God, the family, angels, devils, witches, goblins, logic, clarity, punctuation, and other such obsolete stuff.... When a book is boring, they yawn openly. They don't expect their writer to redeem humanity, but leave to adults such childish illusions.”

And,there is no doubt that they form the most important targets for the marketeers. The research says that the expenditure of the advertising industry in regard to the children has exploded. This is most probably because children have their own purchasing power. This is in terms of their power to the decision-making within the family, incorporating the tool to take advantage of the 'pester power' that comes in-built in today's kids.

Targeting Kids: Various Strategies involved in designing their websites

The marketeers follow in-depth study of the developmental, emotional, behavioral, and the needs of the children at different stages of their lives. They tend to sow the seeds of brand recognition/identity at a very young age. And, 'word-of-mouth' forms an integral part of this conquest. Finding the coolest kid in and around, and then, enjoying the fruit is another successful way, but actually accompanies to what we call, Online Marketing and Buzz Marketing.

“Online marketing is potentially way more powerful that the television ever dreamt of being.”

And there is no doubt to the fact that today, it has become really important for all the web designers to learn to design a website that creates an ever-lasting impact on the psyche of children. This post has actually been written to highlight the trends and practices one should follow while designing a website for children. And, it is actually true when it is said that one needs to be extra-particular regarding the way he/she handles the design, because kids are the most vulnerable section of the society and tend to be molded in the right direction.

Targeting Kids: Various Strategies involved in designing their websites

Here is the list that would help you cater the attention of the kids audience.

Stimulation Is the key

To be able to stimulate a child's senses, is a task that requires a toil and to be handled with care. The senses play a key role when you see something for the first time. Step into the shoes of a kid, and try and visualise things.

Have you ever tried and think what captures a kid's attention at the first go? No...?

Then, the answer is the bright colours. As we all know that colours form an integral part of our lives. The more bright the colour is, the more happy our mood tends to be. The choice of the colours and the combinations that a designer tends to choose becomes really important. The choice of the bright, variety of happy-go-lucky colours such as, yellow, pink, bright red, green, orange, blue, etc. proves to be a choice and creates an everlasting impact on the children.

Targeting Kids: Various Strategies involved in designing their websites

Mood of the website is also a determining factor in the website creation. A positive, cheerful, and a 'smiling' website tends to result in creating in baiting more and more of the kids towards the particular brand.

For children, though creativity is an essential element, yet, children tend to follow recognisable elements. The designers ought to incorporate the maximum they can, in this respect. As we know that children are the most related to the elements of Nature, such as, trees, birds, fruits, sun, snow, moon, grass, and may more. Try and incorporate them in your designs. I am hundred and one percent sure that they would never fail to relate to your site.

Try and think large

Large does not mean that you need to widen the scope of your design and the content, but it is actually using the larger than life figures and the characters to be able to create a platform for the kids audience to develop a relationship between your brand website and themselves.

There is no denying to the fact that children tend to relate themselves to the animated characters. Mickey, Donald, Barbie, Dora & the Backpack, and many more being their favourites. They are naturally drawn towards these characters and doubles the chances of baiting more and more visitors.

Targeting Kids: Various Strategies involved in designing their websites

There is a need to emphasise on the need to allow the child's imagination run into a fantasy world and then, see how well you are able to grab hold of their fascinating world.

If we talk about the navigation system in the world of the websites for the kids, it is actually very important for you to relate them as well. A total cartoon-like theme, a kind of story-telling pattern where they can find a novel scramble of their favourite cartoon characters would bear unbelievable results for sure.

Interaction is the another key

As we already mentioned that stimulation is the first key in any process, similarly interaction becomes the another. Interaction has always played a key role in one's life and rhythm is the basis of any life.

If children are allowed to play and given a scope for entertainment, they would love to visit your site again and again. Animations, Flash designs, and sounds are the keys to a successful kids website. We have already discussed that a kids' website would be completely different from the regular websites and the trends they follow.

Targeting Kids: Various Strategies involved in designing their websites

Interactive videos, and yes, the Interactive Games... how can we forget that? You need to follow a habit of educating the kids audience at every step in a very unique manner so that even their parents encourage their children to follow your website. Allow them to sparkle their own creativity. Let them enjoy colouring, something tangible. Avail your website with the printable designs so that even they can let their nourishing creative juices flow. Try and not forcefully incorporate any stuff in their minds.

Gone are the days when a designer tend to follow a set pattern and the preconceived notions for designing a website. There is a lot more you can do to your website. Just as you made the design larger than life, you can make out of the box and a lot of creative cursors for the website. According to the theme, create a unique and yet, attractive cursor with a lot of glittery, and shining effects. Get away from the conventional methods of navigation used in the regular website.

Targeting Kids: Various Strategies involved in designing their websites

See... there is no denying to the fact that there is a lot more scope to the to creativity and actually kids are fun to work with. But, at the same time they ought to be handled with the utmost care. There is a need to incorporate in the sense of responsibility from the designer as well as the company's side as well. There is a need to be able to develop in that level of trust with the kids' parents so that they don't have any problem. You tend to educate the kids with a lot of user interactivity.

Last,but not the least, its actually quite helpful if you test your website beforehand. An extensive test is actually quite apt and help you observe and analyse the shortcomings and the positive side of your website. There is no doubt that creating and developing kids centered website is a difficult task but its actually more similar to going back in your childhood days once again, where you get to connect with the Nature, colours, larger than life characters once again.

Targeting Kids: Various Strategies involved in designing their websites

Targeting Kids: Various Strategies involved in designing their websites

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