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Aircraft Wings View Photography

When traveling by plane, it's hypnotical to look at the wings during flight. It makes a nice composition: the scenery and a metal wing taking you to nice spots around the globe. So I've made a research at Flickr and found many great pictures of people digging an aircraft wing view. These are truly amazing because of the many shades of the sky, the clouds formations and the ground during curves. Breathtaking! Don't forget to pay a little visit to each photographer. Also, if you got your own wing view picture, don't forget to show us! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;) tomiaruda Dr. Sayid Budi Edgar Moskopp Richelle Francisco Kevin Kirk Rory Gatfield Zoagli Steve Santangelo Ania Garron Nicholls Sameli Kujala Ryan Policky Wilson Hurst Olivier Lutaud SnapshotsUnmade Tim Lovelace just.an0ther.girl PDR Gary Everson Elmer Baclagan Jr. Paul Hart Maria Gina Brian Geltner pic4pic Mark Probst Richard Foster Waleed Almotar Ben Weinstein-Raun Ian Carolino ringosupreme Neil R

Logo Design: Wings

The Logo Design series is up and running! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. Last week we had a post on logos with clouds... today it's all about logos with wings! As usual, we'll search for logos in these galleries: Logopond, Logo Faves, Logo Moose, Logo from Dreams, Logo Gala, WS Logos, The Logo Mix and Wolda. We hope you all enjoy our selection! Cheers. ;) PS.: Got cool ideas for sorting? Tell us! ;)