TUTU MUNDO Brand Identity


I think the truly hardest challenge as a designer is to conceptualize your own logo/brand identity. It's an easy task to accomplish for a client/gig/project but to have the same treatment for yourself is totally a different game. We can't just be so sure about do we like or not, we basically just can't decide. Which is totally odd. Well, just to remedy to that, we'll love to share this stunning identity by Tugba Ozcan and her brand called: TUTU MUNDO. Hope you will enjoy!

Tutu Mundo is my personal design brand that offers designs for branding, identity, advertising, packaging, print, apparel and more…, based in London, UK.

About Tugba Ozcan

Tugba is a Multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer & Illustrator currently based in London, UK. Focusing the work in creating designs for branding, identity, advertising, packaging, print, apparel, and more. We look forward to see more from her.

More information about Tugba, check out her Behance.

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François Hoang

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