Typography: Exploring the Soft World of 3d with Smooth Alphabet

Smooth Alphabet is a typography project created and shared by Jose Carlos on his Behance profile. As the title suggests, it's about it's all about a 36 letter alphabet done in 3D with very smooth forms. The most fascinating thing besides the typography design itself, is the fact that Jose created a letter per day. In addition to that, it wasn't the first time he challenged himself to achieve that feat, it's actually the 4th edition of this personal challenge. I have to say, I struggle to post a photo a day, and it only requires me to snap a photo. Imagine creating a 3D artwork every day. That is one of the reasons to feature his work here on ABDZ.

Jose Carlos is a designer and digital artist from San Jose, Costa Rica. His focus is on Digital Art, Art Direction, Cartooning, but of course there's a lot of 3D work on his portfolio. For more information make sure to check out his portfolio at https://www.behance.net/josekrlos


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