Typography Work for Goodtype The Book Volume One

Goodtype The Book Volume One is a compilation of curated typography work from 175 artists worldwide. Each featured artist showcases two pieces: a work in progress sketch and the final piece. The collection encompasses a multitude of lettering styles from hand lettering, to computer generated 3D-type, to hand painted murals, to traditional calligraphy. With over 2,000 typography work submissions, they just picked the cream of the crop.

Featuring works by artists like Raul Alejandro, Maia Then, Rob Draper, and Scott Biersack and interviews with Roxy Prima, Tony DiSpigna, Joseph Alessio, and more! For this post we feature one of the projects featured on the book, the typography work of Mario De Meyer.

Typography work


About the author

Mario De Meyer is a freelance graphic designer based in Ghent/Belgium with a strong focus on typography. He works on a wide variety of worldwide projects and had the pleasure to work with clients like Adobe, Bloomberg, Fortune, Inc., Ogvilly & Mather, IBM, J.Walter Thompson and more.

For more information check out http://www.dm2graphics.com/

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