Web design: Savee. All your inspiration in one place

Savee. is a new service that helps you to save and organize your images and inspiration. It works like FFFound and Designspiration in a way but has a different visual style, more bold for lack of better word. I saw this project and thought it had a really beautiful web design and style, then I saw that it was created and shared by Andre do Amaral I was even happier. Andre is a Brazilian designer based in the Bay Area and currently working at Netflix. He is from my home state and of course that gets the right to be featured here on Abduzeedo.

Web design

Savee it is the best project I've done through my career. It's a fun and intense side project that still requires a lot of my time, but I love it. I believe that detail really matters. So I designed and built with few other talented minds the simplest tool for users to save images from any website.

Credit and thanks go to

  • Adhemas Batista
  • Ana do Amaral
  • Andre Ribeiro
  • Doug Alves
  • Elena Miska
  • Felipe Rocha
  • Peter Bagi
  • Tom Sears
  • Vitor Andrade
  • Zé Felipe. 

For more information check out https://savee.it/

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