Weekly Apps: Umano, 7digital, Swipes and more


Today we selected 2 nice iPhone apps, called DuckDuckGo and Swipes. Also, for Android users we are featuring 3 cools services, such as 7digital, Umano and Scientific 7 Workout. Hope you guys like theses apps and the whole selection, and stay tuned for the next week!

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DuckDuckGo - duckduckgo.com/app

DuckDuckGo Search & Stories offers you a better way to search and a new take on Stories.


Swipes - swipesapp.com

Have you ever tried focusing on an important task, and caught yourself thinking of another? Swipes helps you clear your mind and focus on the things that matter now.


7digital - 7digital.com

Shop for new music with 7digital. Choose from over 24 million high quality tracks in our store; download, sync and listen to your music on the go.


Umano - umanoapp.com

With Umano you will hear real people with amazing voices read interesting news articles to you.


Scientific 7 - play.google.com/workoutfree

Scientific 7 Minute Workout is the newest and most-advanced HICT (High-Intensity Circuit Training) app for Android!

Scientific 7

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