Wood in Web Design

Another day I was talking to a friend of my, and he told me that he would love to see more posts about web design here at Abduzeedo. When he told me that, I totally understood that we're kind of posting just about photography and illustration... and only Fabiano is doing something about web with his tutorials and links in the Best of the Week series. So today, web design it is! :D

When making a new site design, most of us try to figure out what kind of theme to go with... and there are plenty: space (lol), water, wood, colorish, glowing and shinning stuff, etc, etc. The list is just endless. One of my favorite design elements is wood! It's really great how you can manage to make a sweet design with wood background, static or not (I do prefer static). Anyways, here are some hand picked websites that got plenty of wood for your design needs.

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