10 Awesome Package Designs

Have you ever bought something just because its package? Well, these package designs are definitely one of a kind and they do make you want to get them regardless of what is inside. This list contains different kind of packages but they all have some in common; they are awesome, check it out!

Absolut Vodka Rock Edition

Introduced this past August 10th, the Absolut Vodka Rock Edition comes with an insane package design that will rock your world. Designed by Natalia Brilli.


The objective was to create package for power saving lamps which considerably would differ from all other packages of the lamps presented in retail networks. Besides, it was necessary to show that Gauss lamps are the premium-segment, having justified, thus, their higher than at the majority of competitors price. Designed by Fastway.

Walks Nature Candles

This is not the ordinary candle package you usually see, the white boxes gives a very clean look that comes alive when it's mixed with beautiful illustrations. Designed by The Design Shop.

Nike SB x Plan B Paul Rodriguez Skateboard

The packaging itself has been modeled on the actual packaging of the Nike SB’s Zoom Paul Rodriguez 3 skate shoe, featuring the same white box, cool blue graphics and Nike’s customary SB wood grain print on the inside.

Karadag Wine

Beautiful packaging designed to bring attention to the disappearing fauna living in Karadag, a natural conservation region in the Crimea. Designed by Nadie Parshina.

Olive Poop Bags

Olive poop bags are made naturally from GMO-free corn starch and vegetable oil, are certified 100% biodegradable and compost in as little as 40 days. Poop and parcel can be buried for micro-organisms to consume or combined with yard waste for curbside collection in communities that compost biodegradable waste, and it comes with an awesome package design. Designed by Nate Williams.

Help Remedies

Our packaging is made of molded paper pulp and a bio plastic made primarily of corn. We use these materials because they are interesting to look at, and they are compostable—which means one day, they might become part of a large tree. Maybe you can cut down that tree and make it into a speedboat. Designed by ChappsMalina, Little Fury & Help Remedies

Red Bull Cola

Beautifully handmade package, the show cases contain the 17 key/natural ingredients that make up the Red Bull Cola taste. Designed by Design Friendship.

(No) More Sex

This is a handy package constructed so it opens from the right to the left, revealing a simple humoristic statement as each condom is taken out (and hopefully used!). The statement simply connects ‘condoms’ with ‘having sex’,and ‘no more condoms’ meaning ‘no more sex’. The message should come across in eye level with the target group without being patronising or judgemental. Sex is fun, yet serious. Designed by Robert Daniel Nagy & Mads Jakob Poulsen.


Our business idea is to offer a new packaging solution for condoms, with unique exciting design and personal expression, where we remove the awkwardness of purchasing condoms. A Packoflove pack comes in a smaller size than the preexisting ones on the market and contains three condoms. Retailers are offered a total solution to sell condoms to the end consumer, with a unique and personal design. Designed by Packoflove.

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