10 Towers of the Netherlands

Cityspaces, some of us enjoyed chasing rooftops so they snap a selfie at a crazy (and dangerous) altitude, or take a picture of our shoes at the corner view of some building. Well some others like Coen Pohl who would rather illustrate them. It's safer! We've featured his work before and it's always an interesting pleasure to see what he's up with his cityscape isometric-style of artworks. Hope you will enjoy!

We often forget to look up when we walk or cycle around the city. A shame, because there are many beautiful - be it old or modern - towers in the Netherlands with great architectural details. This personal projects aims to showcase these towers in a more abstract way, where I focus purely on the shapes of these towers.

About Coen Pohl

Coen Pohl is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in (obviously) Amsterdam, Netherlands. We look forward to see more of his isometric artworks.

For more information, check out his Behance profile https://www.behance.net/coenpohl

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