1000 Days of Origami Paper Cranes by Cristian Marianciuc

Already one week after starting the new year, did you start hustling on your resolutions yet? Just to spark a little bit more inspiration, we are sharing the work of Cristian Marianciuc. He is an origami enthusiast where for nearly 3 years has been making an origami crane daily. It started as a 365 days project but he just didn't stop after a year! You should definitely check out his Instagram for more of his work! See his progress through different kind of concepts and material to accomplish greatness.

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Origami Paper Cranes

Greetings from a very windy Somerset! As some of you know, I am away, in the UK, with my parents. Dad is not too well. My desire to create things has fluctuated quite significantly lately. But I appreciated the freedom of not having to finish something within 24 hours. This bird is made of music and big, late night dreams. It also has a pinch of frustration and powerlessness! I did well to bring my watercolours with me! They are proving to be a much-needed means of escapism. My experiences from the past two weeks are compressed in the plumage of today’s crane. I will shortly resume replying to all the lovely comments and messages I have received since reaching my goal of Senbazuru. But until then, I will need rest, and lots of it. (Dear heart, be still!) PS – today’s crane will we available for purchase from my Etsy shop very soon. #origami #icarusmidair #watercolor #watercolour #mixedmedia #feathers #turquoise #etsy #etsyshop

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#994 “aesthetic of the broken” crane Song of the day: Tm by Nosaj Thing @nosajthing I am bracing myself for a few tumultuous days ahead as I will try to come to terms with the conclusion of this step of my project. One of the most elusive things for me has been closure. I find it impossible to irreversibly step away from something, be it people or experiences, or even places. Not so much things though, I have no problem leaving stuff behind. I started ‘icarus.mid.air’ with the burning hope for healing and closure. More of one and probably less of the other. As a dear friend of mine said about my cranes: “beauty is not their purpose, their purpose is to heal”. Some of the scars have healed, and the others have become things of beauty. Because I have learned to look for beauty in the unlikeliest of places. x #origami #icarusmidair #paper #papercutting #papercraft #mixedmedia

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#990 “made with love” crane #WHPmadewithlove Song of the day: At home & in my head by Hundred Waters @hundredwaters Today, I took you with me through pretty much all the steps of the creative process behind crane number 990 with my Stories. There are only 10 cranes left until I reach “senbazuru”. And I get a wish! It only took 2.73 years to get here, but hey, wishes don’t come easy! I am also excited to take part in this weekend hashtag project. The theme is “made with love”. And with all modesty I have to say that for the past 990 days, I managed to find at least a few minutes every day to make each of these cranes with love. I painted my heart purple and pink and red and brown to match today’s crane. Sending love to each one of you! x #origami #icarusmidair #paperart #papiroflexia #delicate #theweekonintagram #wings #wing #origamicrane #abstract #autumn #floral #feather #feathers #mixedmedia # #hundredwaters #flowers #flower #petal #petals

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#984 “trade this heavy cage of bones for flight” crane Song of the day: Rest by Charlotte Gainsbourg I will revisit some of my favourite recurring themes that I have “infused” in my creations from the very beginning. I would say that the most obvious one is flight and flying, the Icarian ambition to overcome the state of being just human. But the type of flight that fascinates me is the one riddled with irregularities and one that goes against reason. Flying that will certainly lead to a more or less literal destruction. Ephemeral flaps and flutter that will be worth the violent descent. #origami #icarusmidair # #papercutting #papercut #paperart #papiroflexia #delicate #theweekoninstagram #blackandwhite #monochrome #minimal #minimalism #wings #wing #miniature #origamicrane #bones #bone #skeleton #anatomy #charlottegainsbourg #rest

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#941 “imperfect beauty” crane #WHPtalentshow Song of the day: Atmosphere by Stephen Christian @christianmusic feat. Sarah Reeves @sarahreevesmusic It seems like I’ve started a “looking back” type of list. But it was not my intention: I still have two months to go, and I don’t think I will have enough material for two months’ worth of “looking back”, haha. But here’s what was on my mind today. Quite a few people have brought into question whether or not what I do can be considered origami. After all, origami means ‘folding paper’, so no cutting or pasting allowed. And obviously I’ve done lots of cutting and pasting; and painting, and sewing, and bending and knotting and passing the classic fold of the crane through the intricate networks of my mind and heart. I have never and would never dare to imply I am somehow improving the crane model. The crane model is perfect as it is. I would like to argue that what I do is I add the imperfections of myself and my life to something perfect, while still managing to preserve a glimmer of beauty, but not perfection. I would humbly like to say that what I do is in fact origami. Because all of my creations start with the perfect crane fold. All the things that I take away or add can be seen as an attempt to take away from perfection and building towards imperfect beauty. x #icarusmidair #origami #tsuru #papiroflexia #折り紙 #wings #feathers #papercutting #papercut #paperart #floral #flowers #petals

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