2 minutes of Inspiration with Animoto


More than 40 images hand picked to show you in only 2 minutes of your time, say no more to slide shows, I bring to you 2 minutes of inspirations with the new system animoto, check out the product and the video that will bring a light to your day.

For more info visit www.animoto.com

Animoto Logo

Animoto.com is a web application that creates MTV-style videos with the click of a button. Users simply choose a song and images. Animoto then automatically generates a unique video for them. No two videos are ever the same. Many of the post-production techniques that the founders used while working as producers for MTV, Comedy Central & ABC are used in Animoto's patent-pending Cinematic Artificial Intelligence developed to think like an actual editor and director. The resulting video is produced in a widescreen format, containing the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a movie trailer. Animoto Productions is based in New York City with an office in San Francisco.
Animoto has given me a free account to try out their product which is really cool and the best thing, easy to use, all you have to do is upload your images and select your soundtrack and it's done. I selected a bunch of really good works so you can enjoy this great video.

Sound Track by: Track Lolly Pops (Instrumental) Artist Absolute Album Fashion Expo Round One All Images used are from Deviantart Galleries, here are the list of artists that have been featured on this video. http://paulsizer.deviantart.com http://kaipu.deviantart.com/ http://sean-tron.deviantart.com/ http://vampire-zombie.deviantart.com/ http://littlemewhatever.deviantart.com/ http://pharrell-id.deviantart.com/ http://annmei.deviantart.com/ http://mariano7724.deviantart.com/ http://samuel123.deviantart.com/ http://cuson.deviantart.com/ http://poop-art.deviantart.com/ http://empatia.deviantart.com/ http://wishmistress.deviantart.com/ http://kizioko.deviantart.com/ http://muratsuyur.deviantart.com/ http://husam-elfaki.deviantart.com/ http://mosk.deviantart.com/ http://loish.deviantart.com/ http://benf.deviantart.com/ http://pluckylump.deviantart.com/ http://ptitecocci.deviantart.com/ http://jjasso.deviantart.com/ http://leovilela.deviantart.com/ http://goliath09.deviantart.com/ http://curlytops.deviantart.com/ http://tarelkin.deviantart.com/ http://theperfectlestat.deviantart.com/ http://sir-sirix.deviantart.com/ http://sunset-accident.deviantart.com/ http://videa.deviantart.com/ http://smth-fresh.deviantart.com/ http://sharadhaksar.deviantart.com/ http://angelreich.deviantart.com/ http://benoitpaille.deviantart.com/ http://er0k.deviantart.com/ http://almumen.deviantart.com/ http://lullabyoflilly.deviantart.com/ http://gwarf.deviantart.com/ http://gilad.deviantart.com/ http://deere.deviantart.com/ http://trixypixie.deviantart.com/ http://zemotion.deviantart.com/

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Paulo Canabarro

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