36 Days of Character Design

Many people know about the challenge that takes place every year called # 36daysoftype, for 8 years it has brought designers and artists from all over the world on instagram under a single hashtag. It has become very popular and I have been participating and trying to challenge myself for 7 years. This year Daniela Jiménez decided to do something different, convert each letter of the alphabet and 10 numbers into character design.

I have always liked illustration and every year I have been trying to innovate my style, so this time my designs were not just letters, they became characters and not just characters, but they were animals and all with the same vibrant color palette , very striking where the outfits had to be part of their personality.  

Nina’s work stands out mainly for its colors, the handling of the palette is another element in the illustrations, they give personality, they are vibrant, “I want my designs to tell a story, to look dynamic” - adds Daniela. Many brands look for her to create something that is remembered, that is fun and fresh.

To see the complete series of characters you can follow Nina on instagram.com/ninaborona

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