Super Stylish Illustration and Animation: Wonderlust Ident / Racing

Wonderlust Ident / Racing is an illustration and animation project shared on Behance by a few super talented people. Their goal was to show that when you approach life with a childlike sense of wonder, life will always be fun and never boring. That is what the project is all about, and it's a series of beautiful illustration combined with smooth animation. It definitely makes you wonder why things got much boring as we grew older. 

When you approach life with a childlike sense of Wonder, it's never boring. For this series of personal idents, we are exploring just that.


Studio: Wonderlust
Producer: Christian Rankin
Creative Direction / Concept: Ryan Rumbolt
Art Direction / Illustrations: Loris F. Alessandria
Character Animation: Juan Ponta
Compositing / Animation: ARM Sattavorn
Original Music / Sound Design: Facundo Capece




Illustration process

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