3D Layer in Photoshop


One of the coolest features in the CS3 Extended version of Photoshop is the 3D Layer tools. These tools allow us to import a 3D file and transform it like if we were using a 3D software, we can rotate, move, and scale the layer in a 3D dimensional environment.

Last weekend I decided to try this feature, but first I needed a nice 3D model, and a good site to get free 3D file is http://artist-3d.com/. They have lots of very cool .3ds files for free. I found a very nice Robocop robot over there and used in my image.

Despite the fact that my computer suffered to complete simple tasks like rotate, I liked the 3D functionality. I was able to position the robot the way I wanted, and you can even edit the textures as well.

Here’s my image:

Playing around in Photoshop

For more information I recommend you take a look at this video workshop from the adobe site and the Use a 3D Model to Create a Dramatic Scene in Photoshop tutorial on PSDtus.

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Fabio Sasso

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