3D Wall Flash Component Giveaway

This week I had the chance to test the new Flashloaded component, called 3D Wall. It’s a really cool component that allows us to create 3D walls with pictures and you can navigate through the photos in a 3D space, very Apple TV style.

3D Wall displays images on an engaging interactive 3D wall using the Papervision3D engine. The wall can be flat or set at any curvature to create a truly unique look. The viewer can also scroll, tilt and zoom the wall freely. Includes a built-in preloader for seemless transitions between thumbs and large images. Over 60 parameters to customize your wall ensures unlimited number of looks and an enticing viewer experience. Available for ActionScript 3.0 (Flash CS3) only.

I’ve done some experiments here with the component and I have to say, it’s awesome. There are a lot of parameters but it’s easy to understand, and if you want to create a simple and stunning portfolio site, this is a good option. Give it a try.

Some Features:

  • Flat or curved wall
  • Double sided thumbnails
  • Interactive wall tilting
  • Adjustable number of rows and spacing
  • Customizable animation settings
  • Mouse and keyboard interactivity
  • Swivel camera
  • External XML file
  • Glow & reflection
  • XML or Component Inspector
  • Depth of field
  • Mouse events
  • Built-in skinnable scrollbar and preloader

We have two copies of 3D Wall to give away, so just leave a comment and next week, May 1st we will announce the winners.

For more information visit Flashloaded.com

UPDATE: The winners are:

  • Anjana
  • Giackop

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