50 Awesome Examples of Triangles in Design

Today I will profess my love for triangles! Strange love to have, I know. But seriously, right after circles, triangles are the next best thing.

I've always loved triangular elements in design. For me it completes the piece. You can have a very simple composition but as soon as you add a triangle it becomes magical in my eyes :D Apparently triangles are the most unpleasing shape because it confuses the eye with its odd number of points. I heard that in some high school art class once but I don't believe it. Triangles are lovely.

Anyway, enough about that. Here I gathered some nice examples of triangles in design. Some of these have an overall very geometric feel to it (like the ones from Andy Gilmore for example), while others are just simple compositions with a triangle thrown in there. Hope you guys enjoy these and feel free to share with me your undying love for triangles via twitter or facebook ;)

Jim O'Raw

Merdanchik Sanchos-Yohanson

Mikus Vanags

Abel Martinez Foronda

Scott Barry

Marc Roy

Gavin Potenza

Michael Paul Young

Stas Sipovich

Kolbe Maisòn

Andy Gilmore

Chris Lee

Mark Weaver

Herman Lee

Robert T. McCall

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