50 Examples of Awesome Album Artwork - Part 1


Following my articles on posters, I received a suggestion from @MateToth90 to try a post with indie CD covers.

I thought it was a really good idea so I went on the lookout for some cool album artwork to share with you guys today. I found so many that I decided to break it up into two articles to avoid major computer crashing around the world. Stay tuned for part two ;)

Oh, and there's probably more really good ones out there that I missed out on, so send me cool ones you found through twitter or facebook and I'll include them in the next one!


Matt Govaere

Razvan Garofeanu

Jeremy Dowd

Jonathan Dickson

Jason Drakeford


David Bez

Luke Wright

Ricky Trickartt

Lauren Burke

Three Bears Design

Gokhan Eryaman

Jason Alejandro

Nate James

Jónas Valtýsson

Oliver Ward

Thiago Santana

teagan white

Miguel Vega

Haik Avanian