A Perfect Truth: Reverse Photshop Processing + Video Tutorials?


There are many touch-up videos on youtube, but not so many in depth tutorials. I've been getting a lot of requests, suggestions and questions so I've been thinking. Perhaps it's about time I do some tutorials. Now with youtube's better quality, it's possible to upload high-quality/high-def widescreen videos. This would work great for tutorials videos.

Drop me a comment, if you'd like to see some tutorials or even have some tutorial suggestions let me know. I'd be happy to start them. This is my most recent video, it's a reverse process of photographic touchup. Perhaps going against the grain of my other videos. I have reversed the process, I feel this clearly shows a person for how the really appear. Stripping back all the work to reveal the face as it was, as it is.

YoussefS Youtube Channel

More videos to follow soon. I hope this gives an slight insight into the stages photos are taken through to create a 'sellable' face. Let me know what you think, and if you'd like tutorials. Check out some of the related content below for more cool stuff.

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