A Visual Guide To: Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography


Hi there, this is my first post for Abduzeedo and I'm starting with a quick video tutorial of one of Fabio's cool designs. Fabio got in touch with me and suggested that we did some work together regarding video tutorials. To get things rolling I thought it would be nice to create a video on one of my favorite tutorials

- Gavin Steele

You can check out the the original tutorial on this site, Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography Note: For improved video quality, head over to vimeo and watch the video there. You can also watch the tutorial with HD on or for even better quality you can click the download button in the bottom right of the vimeo page.

Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography from godonholiday on Vimeo

I hope you enjoy the video tutorials. They are not meant to replace the original tutorials but to aid you in any areas you might get stuck with. And for those of you (me included) who want to see how Fabio goes about his work.... He has some video tutorials of his own on the way. Gavin Steele

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