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Branding and visual identity projects demand a huge amount of work. At this point I believe everyone should know that but despite of all this effort and dedication, the final result usually tends to look very simple. It's almost like you think it wasn't difficult at all to get to that point. That's that old saying "If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter" - I believe that is and should be the goal of every designer working on a branding project. The folks from the Studio Lin showcase that quite well for the ABA Architects Print and Identity.

Focus on expressing a practical and industrious quality. The simple combination of white, black and yellow with a beautiful typography makes this project and good example of visual identity in my opinion. The industry they are designing for also allowed them to go to the minimalist route. Architects, like designers, share the love for grids, organization and simplicity.

ABA Architects - Branding Material

As the Studio Lin mentions on his Behance post, the their goal was to "focus on expressing a practical and industrious quality." I believe they achieved that as you can see below.

Branding work

ABA Architects - Branding materialABA Architects - Branding materialABA Architects - Branding materialABA Architects - Branding materialABA Architects - Branding material

Studio Lin is the graphic design practice of Alex Lin. Our work process is founded on a desire to explore new territory through challenging collaborations with creative visionaries in the fields of architecture, industrial design, art and fashion. Studio Lin’s focus is on comprehensive design systems in all media, including web, social media, advertising, publishing, video and environmental. A lean office able to offer highly competitive rates, the studio can tap into a carefully curated network of highly skilled designers, printers, programmers, animators and writers. Clients receive the thorough and undivided attention of Alex Lin, who directs every project from conception through execution, overseeing any additional services as needed.

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