Abstract ABC

Being abstract is somehow part of each one of us, whatever you're an artist, designer, developer or even a QA tester. We work in the universe of art and we gotta find the time and ways to express ourselves. We all need or get the urge of creating/making in our free space. Some of us will design something, take photos, practice lettering or like Jim LePage will paint. We are featuring Jim's and Max's work with their Abstract ABC series.

Abstract painting provides a creative escape for me. I love the exploration of color and texture and how the mix of those can evoke different types of feelings and ideas. I experiment with different paints, mediums and techniques and enjoy the surprises that come from seeing them interact in new ways.

About Jim LePage

Jim is a freelance artist & designer based in Bellingham, Washington. Focusing his work for bold and conceptual art and illustrative work, Jim has done also work in Art Direction and leading a creative team in a design studio as well.


Collaborative project with Jim LePage and Max Morin and if you wanna get your hands on an Abstract ABC set as well. Check out their shop: http://jimlepage.com/shop/abstract-abc

For more information: http://jimlepage.com

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