Adobe Dimension CC: Fossil Adds a New Dimension to its Tin Packaging

Our pals from Adobe has shared that the lifestyle and watch brand Fossil's design team revamped their approach with design tool Adobe Dimension CC. With Dimension CC, Fossil’s design team was able to ditch the paper mockups and quickly + easily create high-quality, photorealistic 3D visualizations of the tin designs – no 3D design experience required. This enables them to iterate faster, try out more designs and gain higher quality feedback in every review. It's really interesting to hear stories like these where large teams adopt or test a new design process. Because we all know that process is never done, let's hear about it.

Tin packaging can be a difficult thing to get approvals on because we have to create paper physical mockups for approval,” Sarah said. “We spend half our time designing and the other half going back and forth between creating the paper tin mockups and getting them approved. If there is a change, we have to go back to the computer, reprint the design, then mock up the tins again.

Little Back Story

So when Sarah and other designers at Fossil recently received training on Adobe Dimension CC, they immediately understood how the application could rejuvenate their workflows and replace the tin paper mockups with digital renders. The application, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, gives designers who have little to no experience working in 3D an easy yet powerful way to create high-quality, photorealistic 3D images, said Jeanette Mathews, a product manager at Adobe who led the Fossil training session.

Because the 3D visualizations are so close to the finished product, the team can iterate faster, try out more designs, and get higher quality feedback in every review,” Jeanette said. “It’s about making your workflow easier, so you can spend more time being creative.

The Fossil team said they were impressed with Dimension’s ease of use, its ability to import and reuse existing 3D models, as well as its familiar user interface and interoperability with existing Adobe workflows. Because Fossil designers already use Adobe Illustrator to draw the tins and Adobe XD for its online shopping experience, Dimension was a logical next step, said Sarah. With Dimension, they can even create website images for e-commerce and bring them into XD as part of their web design process.

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