Adobe Stock: Stepping into the Third Dimension

Each month, our friends over Adobe Stock will explore through their photo database what creators have been up to making. For this month's theme, they are looking into 3D with a number of artists. From architectural renders and automobile design, to furniture ads and abstract art. 3D is all around us, and new creative tools are opening up 3D technology to any designer who wants to give it a try.

In Adobe's Words

This month we’re thinking about artists who go that extra dimension. 3D is on our minds for two big reasons: new creative tools are opening up 3D technology to any designer who wants to give it a try, and more and more 2D designers and brands are embracing what 3D can do now and in the not-too-distant future.

According to Chantel Benson, Adobe product manager and 3D-industry veteran, using 3D has a lot of benefits. Beyond saving a car company from expensive, complicated on-location photo shoots, 3D opens up future possibilities. Take Ikea: “They’re jumping into this trend because working with 3D models gives them the ability to use content for more than just static marketing collateral like 2D websites — the same chair, cup, or window treatment can be used for immersive shopping experiences, too.”

So who else is making the jump into 3D design? Some of the earliest adopters include graphic designers working on branding, using 3D tools to visualize the look of a logo or package design on the actual bottle or box. Designers are also embracing the tools to develop infographics. And digital artists are exploring the creative side of 3D design.

Visual Designer Michael Dolan has experimented with 3D art for art’s sake as well as client work. “It’s always fun to step away from work and just create. I’ll see something inspiring and say, ‘I think I’ll create that, too,’” says Michael. “I also use 3D for commercial projects. It’s useful for phone and device mockups on tables. I’ll purchase images and pop in app UIs. You can snap a picture of a table and then throw a device down.”

Adobe Stock: Stepping into the Third Dimension

Others artists can share its insights including: Ingrid Tsy, a freelance artist, started exploring 3D by way of her first love: fashion.  Ryogo Tovoda finds inspiration from Nintendo designs and brings those to life in a three-dimensional toy town world.  Daniel Mangiuca creates sci-fi-influenced renderings and first took advantage of the 3D modeling and software boom to produce amazing art.


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