The Adventures of Abduzeedo and Amlight


These past two months, my cousin Fabio (abduzeedo) has been hanging out with me here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sunday at 3:30 am he returned to Brazil leaving me here with memories from our wonderful summer.

HOLD! You should really listen to this song while you read this post! It will enhance the experience. ;)

I thought it would be cool to share with you guys a little bit of our adventures in America so you can see what we got up to and give you a taste of what our lives are like. Everytime Fabio said something stupid I'd write it down, so what better way to show you what our lives are like than to share with you some of the funniest quotes from the man himself. Oh, and I promise he's not as disgusting and mean as he sounds ;)

Fabio: I'd give anything to take a shit right now. Fabio: Oohh, they left the virgin margarita.. let's get drunk! Fabio: Your birthday is 27... July... June! Amanda: You said July.... Fabio: That's because my English sucks F: I'm gonna fart really loud now. That deserves a quote. F: If I knew English my jokes would make so much more sense F: For the one year daily inspiration we're gonna post 365 images... it's gonna crash computers all over the world..... haaaaa I'm so diabolical F: I'm a ninja F: Sunny D is good but it gave me heartburn... more like hell in my heart. Like heartburn in my ass. Don't quote that. A: He's Jewish F: Marry him. Don't marry because of love, marry for money. Money is more romantic. A: He used to do a lot of drugs... F: And? F: I'm like a machine of beautiful quotes F: That was too much for your little peanut brain F: Nothing like some good old KFC fried in the oil of death. F: I'm like an oyster of quotes... pearls after pearls F: Your taste in men is weird. A: My taste? Your taste is anything living. F: That's a good definition of my taste. You nailed it. I have an appreciation for all female forms in the world. The least I can do is love them all. F: Not even the greatest chefs in the world would be able to assemble such a beautiful gnocci mountain F: If there's something I can cook it's greasy sauce. Delicious greasy sauce might I add. F: You know, people call me Mano because my retarded brother couldn't say Fabio. How bad is that?

we went on a roadtrip

first stop: wawa

eventually we made it to philadelphia

and then new york

we relaxed a bit

and then hit up the streets of brooklyn

we got blisters from walking so much

so we had a drink ;)

then we went to dc

walked up to lincoln's memorial

goofed around

came back to raleigh and went to ihop

made key lime pie

had lots of barbecues

and drank way too much caipirinha

actually this is what our fridge looked like most of the time

we also kept making the same facial expressions without realizing

we watched the fireworks on the 4th at a lake

it was nice

fabio dropped his lens in that lake actually

we built ikea furniture (took us a couple days haha)

and we made our own 3d glasses

...which we used to look at dinosaurs :)

he got me a palm pre (thanks, cuz! :D)

we compared phones... and feet?

one day we woke up and bought a dozen donuts

another day we made grilled banana s'mores :D

we had a garage sale

but he kept playing on his phone

we went to outback!

we goofed around in stores

and we painted a blackboard in the kitchen where we drew silly pictures

obama came to raleigh the same day we were going to florida. we thought we were gonna miss our flight

we didnt... and luckily the flight was empty!

he practiced his speech one last time

we ate a lot of plane peanuts. can somebody explain to me why plane peanuts are so good?

the clouds were awesome that day

know what else was awesome? the view from our hotel room

we waited for dan denney

then we went surfing

next day we went to busch gardens

and i convinced him to go on the water rides :D his socks got wet...

enough goofing off, time for the conference!

we met a lot of cool guys

then we had to set up

took him a while ;)

we came back to raleigh and bought gum at the farmers market, oh and fudge!

we tested out a new lens for my camera

we worked sometimes too.... ;)

we saw coldplay!

and then drew about it when we got home

he decided to shave all his beard off

this is where we ran everyday

it was nice

we went to red robin on his last night

we got some really big burgers

i got him a balloon! he tied it to my car...

we went to walmart where he found a monitor he wanted

we wanted to buy these as well (glow in the dark underwear!!)