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Personal projects are fun, we all know that. They give us all the freedom to try things that would be more difficult if we had to consider all the constraints of a real project. For visual design it's an exercise that helps to explore different ideas. The issue I see is that if it's a pure visual design project it can be a bit unrealistic, unless you also have a prototype considering the different screen sizes and content degradation.

Josué Solano took his spare time to redesign the fashion designer Alexander Wang's website. The concept has beautiful ideas that are becoming quite trendy, the vertical orientation for text being a great example. Another thing that is a good reference, in my opinion, is the grid system and the way the content is showcased. It doesn't follow a regular order but more organic, much more like a magazine layout.

Anyways, I will stop talking and let you appreciate Josue's work. For more information check out - also share your opinion with us, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also if you have a project that you'd like us to write about and provide a little critique, let us know.

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