Amazing Captain Marvel End Title Sequence

I got the chance to watch Captain Marvel a couple of days ago, at home not at the movie theater. Honestly I was underwhelmed by the movie in terms of story, however I love that it takes place in the 90s. They do an excellent job recreating the look and feel of that decade. Another thing that was awesome was the end title sequence. It reminded me of a bunch of super cool digital art from folks like Beeple. I also wrote a Photoshop tutorial on how to create similar effect of some of the stills that Nadia Tzuo, Takayuki Sato and Gabriel Perez shared on their Behance profile on a project titled Captain Marvel / End Title Sequence

Stills for End Title Sequence

2019 Produced at Elastic


  • Client: Marvel
  • Post Production
  • Design & Animation Studio: Elastic
  • Design Studio: Elastic
  • Creative Director: Lisa Bolan
  • Art Director: Nadia Tzuo
  • Color & Stereo TD: Andrew Young
  • Designers: Carlo Sa, Tnaya Witmer, Benjamin Woodlock, Min Shi
  • Compositors/Animators: Jake Ferguson, Gabriel Perez, Tnaya Witmer, Jon Fitz, Takayuki Sato, Yongsub Song
  • 3D Artists: Colton Smrz, Josh Dyer, Mike Dupree, Joao Rosa
  • CG Leads: Andy Wilkoff, Max Ulichney
  • Editor: Rachel Fowler
  • Production Coordinator: Megan Rodriguez
  • Senior Producer: Paul Makowski
  • Senior Executive Producer: Luke Colson
  • Head of Production: Kate Berry
  • Managing Supervisor: Jennifer Sofio Hall

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