Amazing Iron Man Illustrations


Little by little we get to see the buzz on Iron Man 2 getting bigger. If the first movie kicked butt, we are pretty sure that John Fraveau has everything in control to deliver an even better movie.

Besides that, we just had to make a post on Iron Man, because Tony Stark is this really awesome billionaire drunken stud with a power cell instead of a heart, that builds a freaggin' flying armored suit. Talking like that, it kind sounds absurd, but absurd is not enjoying these illustrations. So, after checking them, you should really visit each author's page for more! Cheers. ;)

Gabe Farber


Ryan Benjamin

Caio Cacau

Francis Tsai

Gabe Farber


Pencils by Marcio Takara, Colors by Fernando Goni

Pencis by KidNotorious, colors by Joshua

Francis Tsai

Gabe Farber

Francis Tsai

Andy Park

Tom Whalen

Lai Meng Guan

Pencils by Francis Manapul, colors by Teodoro Gonzalez

Francis Tsai

Sine Qua Non

Chris Clover


Skottie Young


Luis Diaz

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