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Philipp Klinger is for sure one of my favorite photographers, his work is very well rounded with amazing photos of all types. One of the things that also impress me a lot about his work is that he doesn't mind sharing his experience on how he took the shot, what the shot is about and so on. Each one of his photos is a piece of art ans you have to check out for yourself.

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Turn To Clear Vision

Technique/Processing Straight forward, shot with the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 @ f/3.2 and then square-cropped and converted to b/w. Where? Top Of The Rock observation deck, Rockefeller Center, New York City, USA


Technique/Processing: 1 shot with the Sigma 50mm f/1.4, converted to b/w with Silver Efex, adding a slight blue toning. Where? Staten Island Ferry Terminal while waiting for the Ferry back to Manhattan.

Is Time Linear?

Technique/ProcessingShot with my Sigma 12-24 @ 24mm. The framing took a few attempts (especially to align the lines of the ceiling with the 12h mark of the clock... No fancy processing this time, just converted to b&w and a little dodge and burn for more contrast on the clock Where? Nearly all my photos are geotagged, so you can see directly on the flickr map where the photo was taken. This one's been shot in the brand new Guillemins train Station in Liège, Belgium, designed by the famous spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. It's still in work though and should be finished by the end of september 2009. Nevertheless, it's already a very impressive structure.

New York - Brooklyn Bridge Panorama

Technique/Processing: I've taken 8x7 = 56 shots for this photo. 8 for the panorama to cover everything i wanted and each of them with 7 different exposures for the DRI). Stitched the 0 EV exposure in PTGui and made it remember all the control points and the exchanged the photos for all other exposures (ranging from -3 to +3 EV). Those 7 panoramas where then blended in Photoshop using Smart Object Stacking and manual mask painting. Color and Contrast processing then done mostly using Nik Color Efex.

My Tree During The Perseid Meteor Shower

Technique/Processing Shot at ISO 2500 and 30 seconds exposure. I used this combination to get many stars in the sky, but they should still be visible as dots (thus the high iso and rather short exposure). Flashed the tree and the path using an SB-28 off-camera (in my hand) using the test button @ 1/8 several times. Nearly no post processing in Photoshop


Technique/Processing: Shot with the Sigma 12-24, then removed the lens distortion with PTLens and converted it to b&w using Nik Silver Efex Pro

Cape Cod - Sunset

Technique/Processing: HDR made using Photomatix (for a change) from 5 exposures

New York City - The Police Horse

Technique/Processing: Shot wide open with the Sigma 50mm f/1.4. Shadows lightened a bit and the cross processed with Nik Color Efex. No HDR or DRI (obviously ;))

Bale Of Straw

Technique/Processing: DRI made using 2 of the 7 exposures (Smart Object method) and then processed in PS with Nik Color Efex and curves.


Technique/Processing: Just shooting straight up into the sky (not really 'just' as it took quite long to frame it symmetrically) with the Sigma 12-24mm @ 12mm. I darkened the sky and lightened the Chrysler Building entrance. B&W processing done with Nik Silver Efex Pro as usual. Location: NYC, Lexington avenue, between E 42nd and E 43rd street. The building on the left is the Chrysler Building and the one on the right is the Grand Hyatt Hotel in whose facade the Chrysler Building is reflected.

Toronto Skyline

Technique/Processing: We planned to take the Ferry to the Toronto Islands to take shots of the skyline from there, but unfortunately (for us) the ferries were on strike during our visit (Reminded me of the railway strikes we had in Germany last year...), so we had to go to the Humber Bay Park instead. I made a standard 5 exposure bracketing using the 70-300mm VR lens, taken at my night settings - most importantly ISO 160 which generates the least noise on the D700 ( ISO 125 and 100 are worse, as they are interpolated by software and thus result in a loss of dynamic range). Blended in Photoshop using the ADRI technique and the result was manually blended with the darkest exposure masking everything but the highlights.

New York - Grand Central Terminal

Technique/Processing: I put the camera onto the balustrade of the stairs and exposed for 3 seconds to achieve the motion blur. It's not very sharp in 100% view as i had to set the aperture to f/20. No HDR or DRI processing this time - only one single exposure, but i tried to retain as much detail in the highlights and shadows usind RAW and Nik's Color Efex (Tonal Contrast).

New York - Brooklyn Bridge Sunset

Niagara Falls at Night

Technique/Processing: No HDR or DRI this time. Just one exposure (the colors were changing so i had no time to make several exposures)

Is It The End Of Days?

Technique/Processing: DRI of 3 images, processed to look a bit 'apocalyptic'...

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