The Anatomy of Light - NFT Series

Gabriel Rocha is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada, currently working as a director at With a focus on motion graphics and 3D, Gabriel released recently an NFT series called "The Anatomy of Light" where he explores two of his passions: science and art. Each piece explores the beauty of the faultless path light travels through different geometric shapes.  

No clients, no notes, no making the logo bigger asks

Thoughts about NFT

I think NFTs are a new awesome way to explore art, design and yourself in the purest way possible. No clients, no notes, no "making the logo bigger". Just dive into what you want to create and have fun! In the end, you might even find someone that loves what you did as much as you and is willing to pay for it!


For more information check the project on his Foundation and Twitte

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