The Anatomy of Type - Book Suggestion

The book suggestion of this week is about typography. The book is titled The Anatomy of Type by Stephen Coles. This book is an excellent reference because the author write sin details about 100 popular fonts including, FF DAX, FF Meta, Adelle, Frutiger, Mrs Eaves (one of my favorites) and of course Neue Helvetica. From the foundry to the anatomy of the font, this book is essential to any designer or type enthusiast.

From the author

Students and professionals in any creative field can benefit from a good typographic eye. The Anatomy of Type (The Geometry of Type in the UK) is all about looking more closely at letters. Through visual diagrams and practical descriptions, you'll learn how to distinguish between related typefaces and see how the attributes of letterforms (such as contrast, detail, and proportion) affect the mood, readability, and use of each typeface. Nutritional value aside, the spreads full of big type are nice eye candy, too.

The 100 typefaces featured in the book are hand-picked by the author for their functionality and stylistic relevance in today's design landscape. Along with several familiar faces (Garamond, Bodoni, Gill Sans, Helvetica), you'll also discover contemporary fonts that are less common -- and often more useful -- than the overused classics.

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