Angels: Enigmatic Snaps of Los Angeles by Franck Bohbot


We're lusting after these beautiful, old-fashioney shots of the "City of Angels" by New York-based photographer and filmmaker Franck Bohbot. This talented lensman has a unique way of capturing the simple scenes of daily life due to his meticulous attention to the interplay between light and color. Enjoy these dreamlike shots of both iconic and discreet locales that make up the city of Los Angeles and be sure to check more of this accomplished photographers work here. 

Almost everyone has some idea of what Los Angeles is, even if they've never been there. Home to Hollywood, the city churns out myth after American myth. Some see the city as a necessary part of a glamorous life — they migrate there to become stars. Others live ordinary lives and work ordinary jobs in this city of spectacle. Here, even the metallic glinting pole of exercise equipment along the shoreline, or a solitary streetlight in neon darkness, or a thrust of power lines cutting across the sky, captures something essential about the so-called "city of angels." - Sarah V. Schweig




Franck Bohbot is a New York-based Photographer & Filmmaker. With a cinematic and painterly approach to his work, he creates meticulously-crafted pictures that capture an enigmatic atmosphere, showing the mystery and dream-like quality of everyday places and everyday life with a unique attentiveness to the interplay of light and color. He has collaborated with the Louvre Museum, Fashion Designer Paul Smith, and Nike and his photos been published all over the world including New York Magazine, Wired, Time, Vogue, Bloomberg, The Independent, New York times and National Geographic to name a few. Bohbot’s photographic work inhabits a space between reality and fantasy, documenting and storytelling, every frame – to borrow a phrase from Nan Goldin – like a still from a nonexistent film. 


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