Animation: Breath of the Night GIFs by Nancy Liang

It's amazing to see GIF images still popular. When I started my design career, or even before that back in the 90s, GIFs were the only way we could see animation on the web. It ended up losing space to Flash with its vector animations but, incredibly, GIFs made a come back and now are super popular. It's almost the core of memes. Of course artists and designers take it to the next level making beautiful animations and loops. Nancy Liang created a super stylish set of illustrations and animations with a nice retro feel.

Nancy Liang is an illustrator and animator with a beautiful portfolio. We recommend that you check it out at

I am a Sydney-based artist and illustrator who focuses on tales of urban landscapes, city streets and the often forgotten places of suburbia. I represent these subject matters using drawing and kraft paper cutouts arranged in the visual form of a diorama. My practice also extends off the page from print to animation, where I enjoy creating animated scenes and looping GIFs in my spare time on my blog 'Over the Moon'.

GIF Animation

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