App Design: Spleat

Product design has taken a whole different level with mobile phones and their apps. The idea of building a product has moved from the whole idea of line of production and big factories to just people with great ideas and effective execution. The importance of design has become one of the biggest differentiators in terms of products and that has foster a new generation of designers producing really good work. Spleat for iPhone is a good example of how to present your design in a rational way.

Spleat is the mobile paymtent app for your social life, allowing restaurants, bars and clubs to offer customers a sleek and unique way to pay and split their bill via their mobile phones

This project was created by Dima Shvedun, a talented senior manager & designer of user-experience and interaction design with the proven know-how to combine creative and usability viewpoints resulting in world-class Web and Mobile applications. For more information visit

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