Art Direction for Nike Epic React Flyknit

Santi Zoraidez and Facu Labo shared a beautiful art direction post on Behance. It's for the new and revolutionary Nike Epic React Flyknit. I am a Nike Running user and I remember seeing some promos about these new shoes and was always very impressed by the quality of the art direction and imagery. Now that I know who did it, it's more than necessary to feature them.

So happy to have been approached by Nike to be part of the successful campaign releasing the new and revolutionary Epic React Flyknit! Long working hours and passion for work it was the formula to bring this project to life! Years ago when people asked: "What's one of your career’s biggest dreams?" I used to say "I would love to work for Nike". So, here I am! Doing fun stuff for this great brand together with nice people, and it feels great!

Art direction

  • Directed by Santi Zoraidez
  • Art Direction & Design: Santi Zoraidez
  • Lead Animation: Facu Labo
  • Additional Animation: Edward Chiu / Diego Diapolo / Javier Bianchi
  • Client: Nike Global Running

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