The Art of Kevin Peterson

Kids, wolves, bears and birds are all part of the sublime art of Kevin Peterson, through the power message/icon of using kids as it's masterpiece is absolutely powerful in my opinion. The image we usually get from children are always related to joy and innocence but surrounded by animals is a totally imaginative approach. With an urban environment, we explore Kevin's pure creativity and craft. Hope you will enjoy!

My work is about the varied journeys we take through life. It’s about growing up and living in a world that is broken. These paintings are about trauma, fear and loneliness and the strength that it takes to survive and thrive. They each contain the contrast of the untainted, young and innocent against a backdrop of a worn, ragged, and defiled world. Support versus restraint, bondage versus freedom, and tension versus slack are all themes that I often visit. My work deals with isolation, loneliness and longing teamed with a level of optimistic hope. Issues of race and the division of wealth have arisen in my recent work. This work deals with the idea of rigid boundaries, the hopeful breakdown of such restrictions, as well as questions about the forces that orchestrate our behavior.

About Kevin Peterson

Kevin is an artist currently located in Sherman, Texas where he actually works at Winter Street Studios. Through his many exhibitions, Kevin always keep himself pretty up-to-date on Instagram, check him out.

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