Artist Envy: Kilian Eng


A few weeks ago in one of our Daily Inspirations posts I saw these illustrations that immediately caught my attention and ever since then I've been obsessed with this artist. He's a Swedish artist named Kilian Eng. He illustrates, animates, and creates music. His style is very 80's, dark, neon, and scf-fi/fantasy inspired. It reminds me of a mix between the Another World video game, Tron, and 80's cartoons like Heavy Metal, Robotech, Silverhawks and Thundercats. There's something more to his illustrations that captivate me. They evoke some kind of emotion in me which I partly attribute to nostalgia, but they are also calming and seductive. He's definitely an inspiration to me.

Kilian Eng's Blog:

Here are some examples of his amazing animations and illustrations:

An attempt at nuclear physics (Swedish with English Sub) from DW DW on Vimeo.

Parallels Raised By Wolves Remix By Kilian Eng DW Design from DW DW on Vimeo.

More videos on his Vimeo Page

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